Perfume with the scent of... apple pie. They really exist!

Aromatic, tasty and taking you on a sentimental journey…

Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
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Imagine the crisp autumn air, rain tapping on the windowsill and the comforting presence of a freshly baked apple pie that you eat with gusto while watching your favorite series. Perfumes with the scent of apple pie mean that you can take this almost idyllic moment with you wherever you go (as long as you love autumn and apple pie). They combine the aromatic warmth of baked apples and cinnamon with a sweet base. It is a symphony of aromas that resound on the skin and evoke the same emotions felt when biting into another bite of apple pie recently taken out of the oven .

Apple pie is more than just a dessert, it is a bit of nostalgia that brings back memories of home, family gatherings and special moments. It is associated with autumn weather and the upcoming holidays. When you wear apple pie perfume, you carry a little piece of that nostalgia with you.

In an apple pie fragrance, the note of cinnamon takes center stage, creating an olfactory experience that is both enveloping and captivating. The sweet-spicy mixture of cinnamon and apple creates an aroma that is like a warm hug and immediately improves your mood. Who wouldn't want to smell like that? 😉

What's an apple pie without some creamy vanilla ice cream? Exactly! Apple pie scented perfumes often contain a subtle note of vanilla to emphasize the sweetness and depth of the aroma. The combination of apple, cinnamon and vanilla creates a scent that is both delicious and heartwarming, making it the perfect choice for those who love the coziness of fall and the simple pleasures of life.

Perfumes with the scent of apple pie - what appetizing perfumes smell almost like apple pie?

We have selected some of the most interesting and often recommended perfumes, the scent of which is associated with delicious apple pie, a tasty mood improver during the cold months.

Boucheron Ambre d'Alexandrie

Unisex eau de parfum from the oriental group. Jean-Christophe Hérault is responsible for the enveloping and aromatic composition. An enveloping, elegant and feminine perfume, with a dose of pleasant sweetness . They smell almost like apple pie served with ice cream - perfect for the autumn and winter weather.

apple pie cookie

Fragrance composition (unisex)

Top notes: bergamot, hookah smoke

Heart notes: cistus essence, milky vanilla

Base notes: ambregris, benzoin

Boucheron Ambre d'Alexandrie

Publication date: 2017

Main accords: oriental, sweet, spicy, vanilla, gourmand

Kilian Angels' Share

Popular unisex perfume with an enveloping and warm character. They are sweet, gourmand and spicy, supported by a woody background. They are dominated by a note of cinnamon, which makes them resemble a delicious, aromatic apple pie. Perfumes for lovers of appetizing and sweet scents. Perfect for autumn and winter. The creator of this perfume is Benoist Lapouza.

apple pie cookie

Fragrance composition (unisex)

Top notes: cognac

Heart notes: oak wood absolute, cinnamon essence, tonka bean absolute

Base notes: sandalwood, praline, vanilla

Kilian Angels' Share

Publication date: 2020

Main chords: sweet, gourmand, spicy, woody, cinnamon, vanilla

Angel's Share


Pascal Morabito Noir

Budget perfume with the scent of apple pie. Amber, slightly smoky and spicy. They bring to mind apples baked with cinnamon and vanilla, an enveloping scent that is associated with the autumn and winter atmosphere. Unlike Killian Angels' Share, it is not gourmand, but more woody and even leathery. The price encourages testing, especially considering its quite good parameters - it is about PLN 80 per 100 ml.

apple pie cookie

Fragrance composition (unisex)

Top notes: incense, apple

Heart notes: iris, oud, cinnamon

Base notes: amberwood, vanilla, leather

Pascal Morabito Noir

Publication date: 2020

Main chords: oriental, spicy, smoky, leather, woody

Apple pie scented perfume with a musical background – Nobile 1942 La danza delle Libellule

Fragrance from 2012, still produced. Its name refers to Franz Lehar's operetta - La danza delle libellule (The Dance of the Dragonflies). The perfume is dominated by sweet and gourmand notes combined with the fruity freshness of apple and bergamot. Creamy, slightly powdery and appetizing. Eau de parfum created for women who love a sweet scent that makes you want to eat it.

apple pie cookie

Fragrance composition (for women)

Top notes: bergamot, apple

Heart notes: cocoa, cinnamon

Base notes: vanilla, musk, cedar

Nobile 1942 La danza delle Libellule

Publication date: 2012

Main accords: gourmand, fruity

Parfums de Marly Oajan

Another sweet niche perfume. They are very popular among fans of gourmand fragrances. They have an oriental and spicy background. Some people associate these perfumes with Christmas time and a special atmosphere. They bring back a lot of memories. Long lasting with good projection.

apple pie cookie

Fragrance composition (unisex)

Top notes: cinnamon, honey, osmanthus

Heart notes: amber, beznoin, labdanum

Base notes: tonka bean, davana, patchouli, vanilla

Parfums de Marly Oajan

Publication date: 2013

Main chords: gourmand, oriental, sweet, spicy

A slightly forgotten perfume with the scent of apple pie Joop! All About Eve

Perfumes are relatively budget ones - they cost about PLN 140 for 40 ml, but they are sometimes on sale, e.g. in Rossmann drugstores for about PLN 100. A slightly forgotten scent, but worth mentioning. They smell like apple pie with a slightly aggressive and fresh background - this is the impression given by the vetiver included in the base.

apple pie cookie

Fragrance composition (for women)

Top notes: marigolds, green apple, freesia

Heart notes: cinnamon, jasmine, rose

Base notes: cedar, musk, vanilla, vetiver

Joop! All About Eve

Publication date: 1996

Main chords: fresh, fruity, sweet, vanilla

All About Eve


Al-Rehab Golden Sand

Until recently, the perfume was also available in a spray bottle, now it is available as an oil perfume. Sweet, creamy, spicy and above all – gourmand. Thanks to the formula, they are quite durable and radiate an enveloping aura. This is not a typical apple pie, they are dominated by a hint of caramel - they smell more like fudge. However, the perfume is included in this list because some people - despite the composition - simply associate it with apple pie in vanilla and caramel tones.

apple pie cookie

Fragrance composition (unisex, although recommended for men)

Fragrance notes: amber, caramel, vanilla, oud, flowers

Al-Rehab Golden Sand oil

Main chords: gourmand, sweet, caramel, oriental, synthetic

Gallagher Fragrances Rosé All Daé

A less known fragrance from 2018, but often recommended by lovers of sweet, gourmand and slightly spicy perfumes. They have floral and fruity notes seasoned with honey, vanilla and brown sugar. However, you won't find cinnamon in them. There is dried apple instead.

apple pie cookie

Fragrance composition (unisex)

Fragrance notes: brown sugar, plum, metallic accord, Turkish rose absolute, dried apple, vanilla, honey, sandalwood, white musk, labdanum, patchouli, tonka bean absolute

Gallagher Fragrances Rosé All Daé

Publication date: 2018

Main accords: sweet, gourmand, fruity, vanilla

The list could also include Hermès Hermessence Ambre Narguile , but it is discontinued and no longer available - usually in the form of casts.

Do you know any of these fragrances? Which others should be included in the above list of apple pie perfumes ?

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