A pleasantly vanilla end to the year: Tom Ford Vanilla Sex and the reissue of Tom Ford Vanille Fatale

The Tom Ford Private Blend collection is about to experience a vanilla revolution.

Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
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Fans of Tom Ford perfumes are already impatiently waiting for the premiere of the announced new vanilla fragrances: Tom Ford Vanilla Sex  and Tom Ford Vanille Fatale , which are a re-edition of the iconic fragrance. The first of them may enrich the world of perfumes this December. The new version of Vanille Fatale is scheduled to go on sale in early 2024 .

tom ford sephora vanilla sex
photo: Tom Ford, Sephora

Will these be vanilla variations that we will really love, given the uneven quality of Tom Ford's latest perfumes? While Café Rose from the Signature collection and Cherry Smoke were quite well received, many people were disappointed with the scents of Myrrhe Mystère and Electric Cherry. What about Tom Ford Vanilla Sex, which has been very popular lately? We hope that we will be able to find out soon. In the meantime, we can check what potential lies in their fragrance composition by getting to know the individual notes.


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Tom Ford Vanilla Sex Eau de Parfum - dominant vanilla in a unique form

Those who were the first to test the new Tom Ford Vanilla Sex fragrance on their skin describe it as milky, lactone, powdery and pleasantly vanilla, with an accent of nuts. It looks promising, especially if it ends up in the collection of a lover of sweet and gourmand perfumes.  

The composition of this fragrance uses Indian vanilla tincture, created especially for Vanilla Sex . It is mixed with vanilla absolute, sandalwood, bitter almond, tonka bean, floral accords and the Ultravanil™ molecule. The whole thing can sound sweet, appetizing, sensual, and at the same time a bit spicy . And above all – intensely vanilla .

vanilla icon

Unisex composition

Fragrance notes: vanilla tincture, bitter almond, vanilla absolute, floral chords, sandalwood, tonka bean, Ultravanil™

For now, the perfume will be available in the American perfumery Sephora . Their premiere was announced in the Sephora app on December 20, 2023, and in other Sephora USA & Canada sales channels - on December 21, 2023. Price? 30 ml for $250 and 50 ml for $395 : sephora.com . As soon as we learn about wider distribution and the appearance of the fragrance on sale in Europe, we will update the news with new information. So Stay Tuned!

sephora tom ford vanilla sex eau de parfum
@tomfordbeauty / Instagram

As for the second vanilla fragrance, the re-release of Tom Ford Vanille Fatale, the forecasts are less optimistic if you want the same scent that was released in 2017. Unfortunately, it has undergone reformulation and in 2024, together with Tom Ford Vanille Fatale, we will receive a new composition.

Are you waiting for the new vanilla perfume from Tom Ford? We too. 🙂

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