Tom Ford Myrrhe Mystère – Myrrh note dominates

Tom Ford's olfactory stable is not idle. Fall 2023 will be shrouded in a new fragrance in the Private Blend collection – Tom Ford Myrrhe Mystère.
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September 2023 is the month of the premiere of a new fragrance in the iconic Private Blend - Tom Ford Myrrhe Mystère . An aroma dominated by myrrh, arranged on a sweet and musky base.

What does Tom Ford Myrrhe Mystère perfume contain? The alchemy of fragrance

This exclusive olfactory creation is a unique interpretation of the myrrh accord. In its essence, it is accompanied by only three notes - sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

Fragrance notes

myrrh essence, myrrh absolute, vanilla, musk, sandalwood


The brown bottle of Tom Ford Myrrhe Mystère eau de parfum contains a composition that is warm, sweet, woody and oriental in feel. It seems to be created for autumn and winter and cooler evenings. It caused a stir on the Internet and sparked quite a discussion. After testing promotional samples, some say that the scent is not worth the price, others rave about it, and still others call it a "nightmare".  

We are curious about your opinion.

Perfumes are not for everyone. The barrier is price

Tom Ford Myrrhe Mystère (EDP) perfume will join the Private Blend collection in 30 and 50 ml sizes. The price is astonishing, as is often the case with Tom Ford fragrances. bottle costs PLN 1,019 , 50 ml - PLN 1,685 (prices at Sephora perfumery, August 2023). The capacity of 250 ml is still available on the market (for now abroad).

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  • There is still a 100 ml capacity available on the market (for now abroad) - the price is approximately USD 800.
    This is the price for 250ml. For now, the fragrance is not available in 100ml, by the way.

    • Thank you for the correction and we correct it in the text! We found a 250 ml bottle in a Canadian store for $1,600 Canadian. In Poland, sales of 30 and 50 ml are currently underway.

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