Nostalgic memories from a sunny garden, i.e. Maison Margiela Replica From the Garden

The charms of a garden enclosed in one bottle - the new fragrance of Maison Margiela Replica From the Garden is a combination of earthy and green notes. Perfume premiere coming soon.

Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
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Maison Margiela Replica From the Garden , as part of the "Reproduction of Familiar Scents and Moments of Varying Locations and Periods" collection, is a perfume that can easily be called an attempt to evoke memories from the garden . What specific composition is hidden in this glass bottle? You will be able to experience it on your skin probably  in December 2023 .

MaisonMargiela-REPLICA-from the garden EDT-tomato leaves
photo: Maison Margiela

This is what the garden smells like? Maison Margiela Replica From the Garden

The renowned world perfumer Olivier Cresp is responsible for creating the composition. 

Perfumer Olivier Cresp drew inspiration from his own experiences, recalling precious moments in his childhood garden and reliving them with his son, Sebastien, through the green and earthy notes of this fragrance.

eau de toilette niche perfume maison margiela replica from the garden
photo: Maison Margiela

There are only a few scent notes intertwined in the perfume, quite unobvious in oflectoric compositions, but typical of associations with a summer garden. There is a bit of green thanks to the tomato leaves, as well as the cool earthiness of patchouli and geranium. Green mandarin adds a bit of freshness.  


Fragrance composition

Top notes: green mandarin, grapefruit, black currant

Heart notes: tomato leaves, Bourbon geranium, rose

Base notes: patchouli, moss, white musk

MaisonMargiela-REPLICA from the garden EDT-fragrance notes composition
photo: Maison Margiela

From the Garden captures the essence of a sunny afternoon in the garden, where you can feel the earth in your hands and enjoy the aroma of ripe tomatoes while bees buzz in the air. It combines the freshness of tomato leaf and green tangerine with the earthiness of patchouli and geranium, creating an elegant and crisp fragrance that evokes memories of those peaceful moments spent in a sun-drenched garden. .

Maison Margiela Replica From the Garden perfume will be available in 100 ml as eau de toilette, as well as 30 ml and 10 ml. They are currently on sale at the official Maison Margiela store: . We have heard that they will be available in Sephora perfumery in December this year.

Price: $160 (approx. PLN 609 in Poland) for 100 ml, $85 for 30 ml and $35 for 10 ml.

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  • I'm looking forward to this scent.
    I grow tomatoes in my vegetable garden all summer long and it so happens that this year I grew the most delicious green variety. Often, when I was cutting off unnecessary shoots, I would smell my fingers and wonder if there was a scent that contained a hint of tomato leaves. If I added a pinch of marigold, I would have summer in a bottle. I have the machta tea version, it's great for me. I received many compliments on Jazz Club, but I was relieved to say goodbye to the bottle. That's why my expectations for the Tomato Garden are high.

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