Louis Vuitton Myriad joins the LV Les Extrait Collection

The group of 5 compositions from the LV Les Extrait Collection is joined by 6 – Louis Vuitton Myriad. Can it surprise you with something?

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All perfumes from the LV Les Extrait Collection are a collaboration between perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud and designer Frank Gehry. It was no different with the new unisex Louis Vuitton Myriad . The fruit of this cooperation was enclosed in a cylindrical bottle with a carved cap, characteristic of the line. An exceptionally beautiful bottle.

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photo: LV

What notes is new? Louis Vuitton Myriad fragrance composition

The master perfumer and creator of the new Louis Vuitton Myriad fragrance - Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud - noted that in this variation, concentrated at 30% , he wanted to include the inspiration of the scents floating in the air of Grasse, France, where his laboratory Les Fontaines Parfumées is located.

les extrait collection louis vuitton mystery 2023
photo: LV

Louis Vuitton Myriad perfume is a composition composed of several noble notes. There is a place for Assam oud from Bangladesh , obtained exclusively for LV, alongside cocoa, saffron, centifolia rose essence from Grasse, ambrette, moss and white musk. Intertwining with each other, they create a rich oriental whole.

Fragrance notes

ambrette, Assam oud, cocoa, saffron, centifolia rose essence, white musk, Bulgarian rose oil, moss. 

louis vuitton mystery perfume bottle 2023
photo: LV

Louis Vuitton Myriad will be available in 100 ml on the official LV brand website ( louisvuitton.com ) and in selected boutiques. Price? Certainly quite a lot. Perhaps they will appear in Warsaw's Vitkac on Bracka Street, just like LV Pacific Chill .

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