Intriguing new perfume by Kilian Born to Be Unforgettable with the scent of... cola

A perfume that's supposed to smell like a fresh sip of sparkling cola.
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Sound intriguing? We are very interested in this niche fragrance. And you can get it here and there. For now, only in the brand's official store and in Sephora USA & Canada, but this will definitely change soon. Because the world of perfumes loves unique and slightly provocative compositions.

KILIAN PARIS presents Born to be Unforgettable, an explosion of cola freshness that recreates the experience of a fizzy sip of cola. It hits like an explosion, sparkles like real character and takes the classic cola into new, exciting experiences.

Kilian Paris
kilian born to be unforgettable niche perfume
photo: Kilian Paris

Kilian Born to Be Unforgettable – what do they contain other than the cola accord?

The main theme is the freshness of sparkling cola, sweet and slightly bitter at the same time. It is accompanied by other interesting notes that together create a neat whole. Because it's cola with lime and spices, sweetened with a vanilla pod.  

The famous and respected senselier - Alberto Morillas - is responsible for the fragrance composition of Kilian Born to Be Unforgettable. It's a unisex fragrance, but there are opinions that it is more masculine.  

Composition by Kilian Born to Be Unforgettable

Fragrance notes: cola accord, cinnamon, cedar, lime, nutmeg, vanilla

The perfume is currently available on in Europe - 10 ml for €30, 50 ml (refillable) for €135 and 100 ml refill for €195 - and at Sephora USA & Canada. 

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