The green Gucci A Floral Verse fragrance refines The Alchemist's Garden collection

This is another unisex perfume in the Gucci The Alchemist's Garden collection. What makes them different this time? Gucci A Floral Verse, composed only of three notes, invite you to celebrate the harmony of nature.
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Gucci A Floral Verse Eau de Parfum , like Where My Heart Beats Eau de Parfum from the same collection - The Alchemist's Garden - was created using alcohol made from 100% recycled carbon dioxide emissions . Will new ecological perfumes produced with the idea of ​​upcycling disrupt the world of fragrances?

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Gucci A Floral Verse Eau de Parfum is a green floral path

The perfume composition consists of only three fragrance notes. Gucci A Floral Verse Eau de Parfum is a mixture of the most delicate aromas of nature, the noble complexity of the essence of black tea, sambac jasmine and white musk . Perfect for both women and men.

Celebrating the mysterious harmonies of nature, A Floral Verse embraces the interplay of light and dark, gracefully capturing nature's poetic journey from dusk to dawn, presenting an enticing blend of Indian sambac jasmine and Sri Lankan black tea. (…) Each layer of this fragrance unravels like a poem, inviting the senses on an enchanting journey.

Fragrance notes

black tea essence,

indian jasmine sambac,

white musk

gucci a floral verse eau de parfum bottle
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Gucci A Floral Verse perfume is currently available only through the brand's official website: . They are closed in a beautiful green 100 ml bottle with the shape characteristic of The Alchemist's Garden. Price? €330. The bottle is sold in a special elegant moiré bag.

The fragrance can be used for layering with other perfumes from the Gucci The Alchemist's Garden collection.

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