Guerlain introduces 6 essential perfumes with the new Guerlain L'Art et La Matière Les Extraits collection

The new exclusive Guerlain L'Art et La Matière Les Extraits line includes 6 perfume extracts with rich olfactory colors. Niche perfumes are saturated with fragrance oils by up to 30%.
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Guerlain proposes 6 new fragrances that are distinguished by their rich and essential compositions providing a variety of olfactory experiences . The new L'Art et La Matière Les Extraits collection includes perfume extracts:

  • Rose Centifolia Extrait 1,
  • Iris Pallida Extrait 6,
  • Bergamote Fantastico Extrait 11,
  • Vanille Planifolia Extrait 21,
  • Jasmin Grandiflorum Extrait 30,
  • Tonka Sarrapia Extrait 75.

These fragrances are similar to those from the Guerlain L'Art et La Matière collection of eau de parfums, known two years ago. They are definitely more substantial.

Guerlain L'Art et La Matière Les Extraits line – fragrance notes of new extraordinary perfume extracts

What can you expect from the new Guerlain perfumes from the Guerlain L'Art et La Matière Les Extraits collection? First of all, a highly concentrated formula. Fragrances contain up to 30% concentrations of essential oils. This predicts rich chords and good durability of the essence.  

How diverse are these compositions?

Rose Centifolia Extrait 1

guerlain rose centifolia extrait perfume extract 1

Fragrance notes

May rose absolute, almond, honey, patchouli, frankincense oil

Iris Pallida Extrait 6

Fragrance notes

almond, musk, iris butter, sandalwood, white suede

Guerlain Iris Pallida Extrait perfume extract 6

Bergamote Fantastico Extrait 11

Fragrance notes

Calabrian bergamot, bergamot petitgrain, opoponax resin, guaiac

Guerlain Bergamote Fantastico Extrait perfume extract 11.jpg

Vanille Planifolia Extrait 21

Fragrance notes

Bourbon vanilla, Bourbon vanilla CO2, vanillin, musk, amber

Guerlain Vanille Planifolia Extrait 21 perfume extract

Jasmin Grandiflorum Extrait 30

Guerlain Jasmin Grandiflorum Extrait perfume extract-30.jpg

Fragrance notes

CO2 absolute from Indian jasmine sambac, jasmine from Grasse, absolute from Calabrian jasmine, sunny notes

Tonka Sarrapia Extrait 75

Fragrance notes

coumarin, tonka beans from southern Africa

Guerlain Tonka Sarrapia Extrait 75 perfume extract

The extracts are placed in beautiful 50 ml , decorated with gold caps. The premiere of the new fragrances is scheduled for November 1, 2023 . They will first be available in Guerlain stores and on the official website of the French brand .

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