A new fragrance: Tom Ford Café Rose 2023 Eau de Parfum is included in the Signature collection

You may already be familiar with the unisex Tom Ford Café Rose fragrance, which has been a part of the Private Blend collection since 2012. We can now get to know its essence in a slightly different version. Tom Ford Café Rose eau de parfum of the same name will be available for sale. However, it joins the group of Signature aromas.

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The next fragrance will appear in the Signature line by Tom Ford. This collection is slightly cheaper than the exclusive Private Blend. And it must be admitted that when it comes to the quality of aromas, it is at the highest level. Tom Ford Café Rose eau de parfum released in 2023 will appear on the shelves of the largest perfumeries in Poland

tom ford signature cafe rose edp 2023
photo: Tom Ford

Seductive rose coffee: Tom Ford Café Rose

Antoine Lie was responsible for the composition of Tom Ford Café Rose from 2012, from the Private Blend collection . He apparently had no involvement in the 2023 fragrance. You can therefore expect a changed essence, as if the aroma had undergone reformulation. You can see it in the notes themselves.

Tom Ford Café Rose 2023 Eau de Parfum is a mixture of accords that create a warm, spicy whole, with a pinch of rose petals, the character of patchouli and a coffee essence in the background. The fragrant introduction consists of Turkish rose and coffee . The heart contains notes of Bulgarian rose, ylang-ylang, patchouli, coriander and spicy cardamom . The composition is carried by accords of incense and sandalwood (in the 2012 version we can smell May rose, saffron, black pepper, Bulgarian and Turkish rose, coffee, patchouli, incense, amber and sandalwood).

Fragrance notes

Top notes: Turkish rose, coffee

Heart notes: Bulgarian rose, patchouli, ylang-ylang, coriander, cardamom

Base notes: sandalwood, incense

Where can you buy Tom Ford Café Rose 2023 perfume?

The Tom Ford Café Rose 2023 fragrance is housed in a bottle typical of the Signature line, in a dusty powder pink color. The perfume is available in several sizes: 30, 50 and 100 ml . There are no known sales locations in Poland yet. So far, we have found them in the Dutch online store debijenkorf.nl: 30 ml for €87, 50 ml - €135, 100 ml - €190 (approx. PLN 845; for comparison, the Private Blend version from 2012 costs approximately PLN 1,200/100 ml). Unfortunately, they do not offer delivery to Poland.

[Update August 9, 2023] Perfumes are already appearing on the Polish market. They are available, among others, in the Duty Free online store aelia.pl - 50 ml for PLN 480.

Prices at Sephora:

  • 30 ml – PLN 435,
  • 50 ml – PLN 665,
  • 100 ml – PLN 930.
Tom Ford Cafe Rose EDP 2023 bottle
photo: Tom Ford

Will you hunt for them when they appear in stores in our country?

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