A new version of the sky. Delightful Ariana Grande Cloud Pink perfume

August 13, 2023 is the day that warmed up the enthusiasm of Ariana Grande's fans. It's the day of the premiere of her new perfume - Ariana Grande Cloud Pink fragrance.

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Is the pink flanker much different from the original? What does it smell like and where can we get it in Poland? The new Ariana Grande Cloud Pink eau de parfum has already caused quite a stir on the olfactory market. Celebrity perfumes have just appeared on sale, and they are collecting various opinions.

ariana grande cloud pink perfume
Ariana Grande Cloud Pink perfume

What does Ariana Grande Cloud Pink Eau de Parfum smell like?

A sweet scent with oriental scents. Some say that the Ariana Grande Cloud Pink perfume is close to the original and Cloud 2.0 , others say that it closely imitates the niche Etat Libre d'Orange Sécrétions Magnifiques eau de parfum . Some people think it literally smells... like cotton candy. One thing is certain - Ariana's new fragrance is sweet, close to gourmand, and filled with fruity notes.

The composition is the responsibility of French perfumer Clement Gavarry , who also created the 2018 original. It is interwoven with juicy berries, sparkling pineapple, coconut water, vanilla (vanilla is an orchid :)), framed on a cloud of moss, pralines and musk.


Fragrance notes

Top notes: blueberries, pink pineapple, dragon fruit

Heart notes: ambrette (blossoming musk mallow), vanilla, coconut water

Base notes: amber, wood, moss, musk, praline

Ariana Grande Cloud Pink perfume bottle
photo: Ulta Beauty

Recently, Cloud Pink has become one of my favorites [fragrances – note]. editorial office]. I've been wearing it non-stop for several months.  

Ariana Grande

Where can you buy Ariana Grande Cloud Pink perfume?

The official premiere of the Ariana Grande Cloud Pink perfume made Arianators (Ariana Grande fans) red hot. From August 13, 2023, the eau de parfum is now available on ulta.com . The bottles will be delivered to Europe after August 20. [Update 21/08/2023] In Poland, they are already available in Douglas .

Prices? Depending on capacity at Douglas it is:

  • 30 ml – PLN 220 ;
  • 100 ml – PLN 320 .
ariana grande cloud pink eau de parfum bottle notes

I can't tell you how excited I am about the launch of Cloud Pink. Cloud is a fragrance that will always be close to my heart and I thank my fans for showing it so much love over the years. Creating a new perfume within this fan-favorite range was intimidating at first, but I think we've created the perfect sister scent to the original Cloud.

Ariana Grande
new ariana grande cloud pink perfume
@arianagrande / TikTok


Cloud Pink coming August 13th to ulta.com ☁️ @Ulta Beauty

♬ original sound – arianagrande
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