You've never had perfumes like this before! Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops: essence in capsules

The new Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops perfume sets a new direction in the olfactory world with its playful and compact form. A charming addition to the collection of three iconic Daisy fragrances, it will win over many fans of fresh floral accords.
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The Marc Jacobs brand has recently launched perfumes in an innovative form. Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops is an original fragrance captured in capsules. Closed in a small aluminum can, so we can always have it with us. One package contains 30 fragrance capsules .

Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops – a reinterpretation of iconic fragrances

We can rediscover the quality of perfumes from the Daisy Marc Jacobs collection. The innovative form allows you to enjoy iconic scents anywhere. The 30-capsule cans are designed to fit in any purse or even pocket. They are made of aluminum, which is a more sustainable alternative to plastic.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops disposable fragrance capsules are simply three original fragrances in a new edition:

  • Daisy Drops Signature,
  • Daisy Drops Eau So Fresh,
  • Daisy Drops Love.

They are easy to use. Just twist them, squeeze them and apply to the skin. The inside of the capsules has an interesting gel-like consistency . The composition does not contain alcohol . The essence was created to have a long-lasting scent.

marc jacobs daisy drops fragrance capsules
mat. Marc Jacobs

Fragrance notes of Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops capsules

Daisy Drops (Signature)

Top notes: wild berries

Heart notes: white violet, jasmine

Base notes: sandalwood

Daisy Drops Eau So Fresh

Top notes: pink grapefruit, raspberries

Heart notes: wild rose

Base notes: delicate musk

Daisy Drops Love

Top notes: cloudberry

Heart notes: daisy petals

Base notes: cashmere musk, seawood

marc jacobs daisy drops capsules
mat. Marc Jacobs

New perfumes from the Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops collection can now be purchased in Poland in several online perfumeries. Price? At the time of publication of the news, on from approximately PLN 103 to PLN 106 , on - PLN 171 .


Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops eau de toilette

30 capsules of 0.13 ml
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from PLN 120 Buy*

Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops Eau So Fresh eau de toilette

30 capsules of 0.13 ml
* affiliate link, if you click on it, we may receive compensation.

from PLN 120 Buy*
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