Harry Styles is expanding the portfolio of his Pleasing brand with three new perfumes: Rivulets, Closeness and Bright, Hot

The world-famous singer Harry Styles joins the group of celebrities signing perfumes with his name. It will soon expand the range of products from its own brand – Pleasing – with three new fragrances. The Rivulets, Closeness and Bright, Hot perfumes were inspired by intimate moments during sex.

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[Article update on November 3, 2023] We now know more about Harry Styles' new perfume from the Pleasing brand. Their premiere is announced for November 16, 2023. They will be available for sale first on pleasing.com . These are three new fragrances: Rivulets, Closeness and Bright, Hot . Vegan, cruelty-free and... not cheap. Each 100 ml bottle costs PLN 596 (approx. €134) . Check what compositions you can expect in each bottle.

As a result of a unique collaboration with the renowned Robertet fragrance house, the first three perfumes from Pleasing are distinct, gender-neutral fragrances that embody simplicity, innovation, creativity and beauty. 


Pleasing Rivulets fresh floral amber eau de parfum

A fresh and suggestive scent.

Fragrance notes

Top notes: ambrette (musk mallow) seeds, lemon, black pepper from Madagascar

Heart notes: white linen accord, floral poplin

Base notes: ambroxan, leather musk

harry styles pleasing rivulets edp.png
photo: Pleasing

Pleasing Closeness sensual eau de parfum

A sensual fragrance, filled with cashmere notes.

Fragrance notes

Top notes: Australian pink pepper, EO cardamom, fresh sheet accord

Heart notes: orris oil, French carrot seeds, bamboo

Base notes: Indian papyrus, cashmere wood, salted musk

harry styles pleasing closeness edp.png
photo: Pleasing

Woody amber eau de parfum Pleasing Bright, Hot

A pleasant combination of plum, tobacco and vanilla.

Fragrance notes

Top notes: plum, tobacco leaves

Heart notes: iris oil, marine accord

Base notes: cedar wood, tonka bean absolute, Madagascar vanilla absolute, crunchy amber

harry styles pleasing bright hot edp.png
photo: Pleasing

Something speaks to you? And I guess you have to admit that the price is... prohibitive for a celebrity perfume.

[Original text from August 24, 2023] Harry Styles, an artist who has a legion of fans around the globe, founded his brand - Pleasing - in 2021. The brand's offer is already quite wide - it includes, among others, facial cosmetics, clothes and nail polishes. Three new perfumes will soon join the collection: Rivulets, Closeness and Bright, Hot .

Rivulets, Closeness and Bright, Hot perfumes - hot moments captured in fragrances

It is said that Shaun Kearney - the creator of Gwyneth Paltrow's controversial candles, "This smells like my Vagina", had a great influence on the compositions of Harry Styles' new perfumes.

According to Mirror magazine, the collection was designed to evoke the emotions and scents associated with "skin-on-skin" feelings and "brief encounters".

The release date of Harry Styles' three new perfumes has not yet been confirmed. They will appear at the link https://pleasing.com/pages/fragrance.

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