Join the "Barbie" craze. The new Zara Barbie collection is now in stores!

On July 17, 2023, a new capsule collection inspired by the movie "Barbie" appeared in Zara stores - Zara Barbie. You will find elements that will allow you to create full styles that we have already seen in trailers and media.
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Zara Barbie  collection dazzles with all shades of pink , accented with black, white and silver, gold and glitter details. Of course, it was inspired by the upcoming film "Barbie" (in cinemas on July 21).

The Zara Barbie capsule collection includes clothes, accessories, cosmetics and household items

The pink checkered dress that Barbie wears? The cowboy outfit that Ken proudly dons? Yes, we can create exactly these styles using products from the new Zara Barbie collection . The full offer includes items for both women and men - clothing (including pajamas), accessories, cosmetics, perfumes and even household items.

Prices vary. Accessories from approx. PLN 70. The iconic checkered dress costs PLN 249, and to create a full Barbie cowboy styling you need... almost PLN 730 (not including earrings).

Zara Barbie perfume – there are rumors that it is similar to Kilian Love Don't Be Sh y

One of the TikTok users - @PaulReactss - described the new Zara Barbie perfume as a "replacement"/equivalent to the luxurious (and expensive!) Kilian Love Don't Be Shy . He thinks they are as sweet, powdery and citrusy as the niche "original".

perfume eau de parfum zara barbie
photo: Zara

And in Zara Barbie eau de parfum, fruity and floral notes intertwine. The beginning is built by orange and neroli . The heart is filled with the essence of orange blossom and powdered rose. The base is vanilla and tonka bean . So it must be sweet!

Price: 89.90/80 ml. Attention, they are difficult to obtain!

Zara creates pop-ups to celebrate the launch of the Zara Barbie collection

The new pop-up stores will be available from July 17 to 30, 2023 in two locations - unfortunately only in Paris (Zara Champs-Elysee 74 Store) and New York (Zara Soho Store). They reflect the quintessence of "Barbie Dreamhouse", they are its interpretation.

zara barbie pop-up store

The pop-ups will become Barbie , complete with a life-size fitting room and a vending machine designed to encourage visitors to interact by controlling a wheel that rotates shelves of products.

zara barbie new collection on sale app
most Zara x Barbie products are now available in the app and online store

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