This is probably the smallest handbag in the world. There's a lot of talk about MSCHF again

The MSCHF collective, which you may recognize, among others, for its characteristic viral red shoes (Big Red Boots), surprises once again. This time, the brand has designed a mini version of a copy of the OnTheGo Louis Vuitton bag. And it's probably the smallest bag in the world.

Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
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The controversial art collective MSCHF has created something incredibly impractical . And we predict that this item will go viral just like Big Red Boots, and its value will exceed the heights of reason. A microscopic copy of Louis Vuitton's is currently the world's smallest handbag . And so, to fully see its visual aspects, you need a microscope . It will go to the "Just Phriends" auction, co-organized by none other than Pharell Williams , the creative director of the Louis Vuitton men's line. But this luxury brand has nothing to do with the new MSCHF project.

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The world's smallest bag, like a crumb

The non-functional MSCHF micro bag will not be used like standard accessories of this type. After all, it is not a utility item, but a work of art. And not just any kind, because they are microscopic. Its size is the same as... a crumb or a speck of dust. Its dimensions (657 x 222 x micrometers !) allowed it to be hailed as the smallest handbag in the world.

It is made of photopolymer resin, and when enlarged, it closely resembles the iconic Louis Vuitton OnTheGo shopper bag . And no wonder, because this was the model that MSCHF was based on in its latest project. It is said that the collective did not obtain permission from the Louis Vuitton brand, so it cannot be called an official collaboration. This is not new, because MSCHF, headed by Kevin Wiesner, has shown more than once that it doesn't care about copyrights . As they say, "they are better at begging for forgiveness than at asking for permission." We would like to remind you that it was this collective that created, among other things, a copy of Nike Air Max 97 shoes filled with holy water.

The prototypes of the bag disappeared one by one. It may be the same with this one

Apparently, the MSCHF micro bag presented in the media is not the first one to be created. The prototypes got lost somewhere along the way , probably stuck in the dust. What will happen to the version that was presented to the world? It will be offered at the "Just Phriends" auction . The buyer of the world's smallest handbag will have to keep an eye on it. All we have to do is wait to see what unreasonable amount someone will offer for it. But after all, it's a (micro)work of art, right?

[Update: 01/07/2023] The smallest MSCHF handbag in the world bought for a considerable sum!

The small handbag created by MSCHF achieved a considerable final amount during bidding at the "Just Phriends" auction on June 27, 2023. I don't think anyone expected how much it would be sold for. Well, the smallest handbag in the world MSCHF went for a trifle... 63,750 US dollars, or about PLN 259,084 ! A staggering amount for a microscopic object.

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