Rabanne enters the makeup market after a successful rebranding

The Spanish fashion house Paco Rabanne, part of the Puig group, has undergone a successful rebranding. Focusing on minimalism, the brand shortened its name to "Rabanne". Now it plans to expand the makeup market by introducing its first color line in the fall.

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At the end of August this year, the beauty market will be enriched with the first makeup cosmetics . The fashion house, known primarily for iconic fragrances such as One Million and Fame, decided to enter the sphere of beauty as part of its rebranding.

The first Rabanne makeup cosmetics in a space-age version

The range of Rabanne's first color cosmetics will be divided into four categories:

  • Nudes including foundations – 30 products in the range;
  • Eyephoria including eye makeup cosmetics – 29 products;
  • Rouge Rabanne full of lipsticks – 21 products;
  • Arts Factory – products inspired by art, e.g. Shimmer Bomb spray glitter.

Rabanne makeup cosmetics are to be packed in metallic silver packaging (tubes and compacts) marked with the brand's new logo. These are unisex, cruelty-free, vegan products, and some even consist of 98% ingredients of natural origin.  

rabanne makeup stand
example of the future Rabanne Make-Up stand / mat. Rabanne

The new Rabanne color line is scheduled to be available for general sale on the brand's official website on August 21, 2023. Later, the cosmetics will be available in Sephora perfumeries in some European countries (we are waiting for information about Polish sales points).

The Rabanne brand plans to expand its offer to include care products after the premiere of the first make-up cosmetics.

SOURCES: wwd.com
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