Two new products from NUXE: serum and mask have enriched the NUXE Prodigieuse BOOST collection

Not so long ago, the graphic design of the NUXE Prodigieuse® BOOST collection underwent quite a metamorphosis. The packaging has been given a more vibrant pastel shade of pink and looks even more inviting. Two new products have been added to the group of already known Prodigieuse® BOOST cosmetics - a serum with vitamin C and a brightening mask. Check what they hide.
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The NUXE Prodigieuse® BOOST Vitamin C Serum and the NUXE Prodigieuse® BOOST Detoxifying Mask have recently expanded the NUXE product range. They are designed to instantly brighten the skin. The duo has already appeared in a new version - we would like to remind you that all products from the NUXE Prodigieuse BOOST line have undergone a redesign . Now they please the eye with a combination of a beautiful shade of pink with golden details. What do we know about new cosmetics?

Nuxe prodigieuse boost cosmetics
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NUXE Prodigieuse® BOOST illuminating vitamin C serum

The organic serum is designed to instantly add radiance to the skin. Its formula is based on 5% stabilized vitamin C of natural origin, which has a triple effect: brightening, antioxidant and anti-aging. In addition, it also contains hyaluronic acid of natural origin. Thanks to them , the NUXE Prodigieuse® BOOST illuminating vitamin C serum makes the skin look radiant, healthy and brighter. The cosmetic neutralizes free radicals (it is supposed to provide 8-hour antioxidant protection).

Price at the time of news publication: PLN 203 / 30 ml

NUXE Prodigieuse® BOOST Illuminating Detoxifying Mask

The cosmetic guarantees an immediate brightening effect in just 5 minutes after application. It uses the power of citrus extract.  The NUXE Prodigieuse® BOOST Illuminating Detoxifying Mask has a gel-like consistency, but turns into a pleasant oily one upon contact with the skin. In turn, when combined with a little water, it creates a delicate milk that can be easily washed off the face. The product provides immediate effects of cleansing, smoothing and the desired tightening of the skin .

Price at the time of news publication: PLN 128 / 75 ml

nuxe prodigieuse boost illuminating detoxifying mask
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Have you already tried any of the new NUXE products? The brand's new cosmetics are available, among others, on Zalando and in several pharmacies and online drugstores.

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