Bell x Red Lipstick Monster cosmetics again in Biedronka! What does the collection contain?

We didn't expect this! Bell x Red Lipstick Monster again in Biedronka!
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[Article update on May 16, 2024] The Bell brand decided to reactivate last year's hit collection created with Red Lipstick Monster. Will the products disappear from the shelves of Biedronka stores in the blink of an eye this time? Yes, the iconic RLM x Bell collection is now available in the Jeronimo Martins chain of stores.

Look for the collection on the makeup shelves in Biedronka. Cosmetics are gradually appearing in more stores. You will also find them in the official store of the brand

[Original text from July 16, 2023] On July 13, 2023, a new collection of Bell cosmetics created in cooperation with the popular makeup YouTuber, Red Lipstick Monster, was premiered. The products are available for sale in selected Biedronka discount stores and on the Bell brand website. What does the Bell x RLM collection include?

Bell x Red Lipstick Monster cosmetics are a surprisingly colorful and unconventional new collection of the Polish brand. It is full of not only color, but also sparkle and glitter . Nevertheless, the cosmetics are supposed to be universal - useful both for people who prefer delicate make-up and for those who love experimenting with make-up.

Bell x Red Lipstick Monster cosmetics collection
@bell_polska / Instagram

What will you find in the Bell x Red Lipstick Monster collection?

It is easy to imagine, knowing the Red Lipstick Monster, i.e. Ewa Grzelakowska-Kostoglu, that the new Bell x RLM will feature energetic colors and intense shine . For this reason, the products will probably reach the hearts of teenagers primarily. Or maybe we're wrong?

The collection includes 11 makeup products. It is made up of:

  • lipstick with lip glitter – price PLN 26.99;
  • Unreal Color Mascara FREAKY colored mascara – price PLN 26.99;
  • Fake Freckles Pen DOTTY – PLN 21.99;
  • ASHY Mat Eyeliner mascara – PLN 21.49;
  • metallic eyeliner and eye shadow 2in1 2in1 Liner&Shadow in two shades: BRASSY and GRASSY – PLN 21.49;
  • two-color Duo Mousse Blush BLUSHY – PLN 34.99;
  • two-color Wild Duo Highlighter SILLY face highlighter – PLN 34.99;
  • Intense Creamy Lipstick in four shades: DIM, TENDER, POSH and ICY – PLN 24.99;
  • Glitter Eye Topper HYPER glitter eye shadow – PLN 26.99;
  • glitter gel for face and body – PLN 21.99;
  • Glitter Hair Topper FLASHY gel with glitter – PLN 24.49.
new collection of Bell x Red lipstick Monster cosmetics
@redlipstickmonster / Instagram

You can buy Bell x RLM in Biedronka

New Bell x Red Lipstick Monster cosmetics can be found on special Bell display shelves in the care section of Biedronka . If you can't find them in stores, they are also available online from Bell: (not all).

biedronka bell x rlm leaflet
fragment of a newspaper from Biedronka July 13-19, 2023

The prices are affordable, so the products will surely disappear from the shelves quickly. As with most new Bell collections available in Biedronka.  

Has anything caught your eye? Or maybe the new Bell x RLM collection is not your style at all?

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