Marcelina Zawadzka is the ambassador of Dr. Susanne von Schmiedeberg

The ambassador of the new Youth Booster AGE-Reverse Double Serum line by Dr. Susanne von Schmiedeberg became Marcelina Zawadzka - a Polish model and TV presenter. || PR material
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Care cosmetics from the renowned Dr. brand. Susanne von Schmiedeberg is an innovative anti-aging care available exclusively in Douglas perfumeries.

At the beginning of this year, the brand announced that one of the most beautiful Polish women - Marcelina Zawadzka - would join its ambassadors. The model and TV presenter became the ambassador of the new Youth Booster AGE-Reverse Double Serum.  

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Beauty is not that our skin has no wrinkles and looks the same at 50 and 20. Beauty is at the heart of care

This is the opinion of Dr. Susanne von Schmiedeberg, the founder of the brand, who specializes in skin treatment and runs her own medical practice in Switzerland. The impulse to create cosmetics came from her private experiences and observations. After her third pregnancy, when she noticed that sugar was harmful not only to her figure, but also to her beauty, she began to carefully study its impact on the body and skin.  

Youth Booster AGE-Reverse Double Serum

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A consequence of Dr.'s passion. Susanne von Schmiedeberg has evolved her comprehensive "anti-sugar & anti-aging" approach into a facial care series that helps slow down skin aging caused by the so-called saccharification. The basis of her cosmetics is active L - carnosine, which helps reduce AGE (glycation products), and thus significantly slows down the skin aging process.  

mat. press release

A Polish woman is the new ambassador of the Dr. brand. Susanne von Schmiedeberg

Marcelina Zawadzka is a woman of many talents. She represented Poland in the Miss Universe 2012 competition, where - as the first Pole since 1989 - she qualified for the top sixteen, which made her one of the most recognizable Polish women. He also has roles in series and participation in entertainment programs.

When looking for an ambassador for our brand, we wanted to invite a person whose approach to care is conscious and consistent with our values. Marcelina shares the belief that the key to maintaining youthful skin lies in rational and consistent care and, like our brand, guided by the global clean beauty trend

says Kathrin Anna Pohlmann, International Head of Brand Management.

Marcelina Zawadzka does not hide her enthusiasm for cooperation:

Normally, I am a cosmetic minimalist, but I always choose products with good ingredients. I believe that beautiful skin is well-groomed and healthy skin. This cooperation is a great honor for me and I am glad that I can promote such an innovative product as the Youth Booster AGE-Reverse Double Serum serum. Thanks to it, my skin is smooth, firm and elastic, and outside the TV studio I can give up makeup because the condition of my skin allows me to enjoy its natural glow.

Mark Dr. Susanne von Schmiedeberg is available only in Douglas perfumeries and on

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