Lush opens a pop-up store inspired by the new Wes Anderson film - "Asteroid City"

In London's Soho, Lush opens its pop-up store in the style of Wes Anderson's new film - "Asteroid City". It will be open until July 12, 2023.
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Although Lush Cosmetics has been widely known in Poland for many years, it was only on February 17, 2023 that it opened its first stationary store here. We can buy vegan bath bombs, soaps and even perfumes there. Unique products are very popular. Asteroid City pop-up store will unfortunately only appear in Soho, London , but there is a good chance that products inspired by the film will soon be available in the brand's online store . They are scheduled to be on sale online from June 16, 2023 . What will be included in the Lush x Asteroid City ?

Lush Asteroid City – an out of this world collection

The Lush pop-up in London's Soho was created to celebrate and promote the new film "Asteroid City" directed by Wes Anderson. They have one thing in common - pastels. Together with the pop-up, the brand's offer will include 4 new products: bath bomb, soap, shower gel and shower jelly . Unearthly cosmetics will allow Anderson's fans to feel the atmosphere of his film works in the comfort of their home.

The iconic Space Girls fragrance returns! 4 new Lush Asteroid City

The Lush x Asteroid City collection includes 4 products:

  • Asteroid bath bomb,
  • Doomsday bar soap,
  • UFO shower jelly,
  • Asteroid City shower gel.
Lush Asteroid City products collection
Products from the new Lush x Asteroid City

Asteroid City pop-up store not only for Wes Anderson fans

Wes Anderson creates unique films that stand out with their characteristic style and ubiquitous pastels. Asteroid City pop-up is no different . The temporary gadget point, open for 5 weeks until July 12, 2023, from 12.00 to 18.00 , fully reflects all the nuances known from Anderson's films.

There is a pastel cafe available to all visitors . What else? Opportunity to take unique photos and purchase new brand products.

The vibrant aesthetic of Wes Anderson's Asteroid City really inspired us to create a fun, nostalgic range of products packed with beneficial ingredients like exfoliating sand and cooling aloe. We loved being able to bring back our Space Girl scent because it's a fan favorite and fits so well with the plot of the movie.

Melody Morton, Creative Director of Lush Concepts.

Wes Anderson's Asteroid City theaters on Friday, June 16, 2023 .

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