Tres chic! Limited Makeup Revolution Emily in Paris collection + Advent calendar 2023

Fans of the TV series "Emily in Paris" won't need much convincing to buy this collection. Makeup Revolution Emily in Paris includes 17 new cosmetics and accessories with a design referring to the popular production.

Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
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The Netflix hit "Emily in Paris" has gained enormous popularity around the world. The Makeup Revolution (Revolution Beauty) brand decided to excite fans of the series by announcing the premiere of the new limited Makeup Revolution Emily in Paris collection , which also includes an advent calendar for 2023 . Products can now be purchased online!

emily in paris makeup revolution cosmetics
photo: Makeup Revolution

Why will you want new products from the Makeup Revolution Emily in Paris collection?

It was a long wait for these products. The Makeup Revolution collaboration resulted in 17 new products, including… an Advent calendar. Say bonjour,  c'est manifique and très chic, feeling the French atmosphere that Emily experienced in Paris.

What is included in the LIMITED Makeup Revolution Emily in Paris collection? These include lip cosmetic duos, brushes, makeup palettes, three lipsticks, lip balm and even eau de toilette! Everything kept in the main theme of the Netflix hit. More specifically, this:

  • Camera Queen eye shadow palette;
  • 3 creamy Just a Kiss lipsticks – shades Emily Red, Mindy Taupe Nude, Camille Pink Nude;
  • Champere Problems lip balm;
  • City of Love eye shadow palette;
  • 3 tinting lip and cheek glosses - shades Pinky Swear Pink, Mimosa Orange, Paris Fantasy Rouge;
  • In the Spotlight facial highlighter;
  • a set of Tres Chic makeup brushes;
  • Love is int the Air Blender Sponge Bauble makeup sponge;
  • Bon Voyage beautician;
  • Rose Petal bath soaps;
  • mattifying papers;
  • the Weekend in St.Tropez set consisting of lip balm, Emily Red lipstick, a keychain mirror and a satin scarf;
  • Advent calendar 12 Jours de Paris with 12 doors.

Cosmetics from the new collection are vegan and cruelty-free.

makeup revolution beauty emily in paris 2023
photo: Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution Emily in Paris 2023 advent calendar

The limited edition also includes an Advent calendar for 2023. Contains products other than those included in the main Makeup Revolution Emily in Paris series. These include a palette of 9 shadows, mascara, a makeup sponge, matte lipsticks, matte lip pencils and false eyelashes.

makeup revolution emily in paris 2023 advent calendar
photo: Makeup Revolution

Cosmetics and accessories from the limited collection are available for sale on the brand's official website: . Prices start from €4.99 (as of the date of news publication; shipping costs should be added). on for PLN 249.99.

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