Kim Kardashian returns to the color game - introduces SKKN BY KIM Makeup makeup cosmetics

Listening to fans' requests, Kardashian finally decided to include the color in SKKN by Kim.

Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
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First there was KKW Beauty, founded in 2017. In 2021, the brand was closed and rebranded. This is how SKKN BY KIM was born in June 2022. Kardashian focused on care cosmetics. Fans asked, asked and begged for the great return of the colorway almost two years after the launch of the new brand. On January 26, 2024, sales of several SKKN BY KIM MAKEUP makeup cosmetics will start .

SKKN BY KIM Makeup, cosmetics inspired by Kim's hallmarks - iconic smoky eyes and nude lips

The premiere SKKN makeup cosmetics feature a neutral color palette. They will be available on January 26, 2024 on the brand's official website . What exactly did Kim release? The new products include a palette of 12 matte shadows in warm and cool tones. The price of the palette is approximately PLN 260 / €57 / $50 / £49 plus possible shipping costs (price at the time of news publication).

In addition, Kardashian made sure to include lip makeup cosmetics. The premiere SKKN BY KIM Makeup contours and lipsticks will be available in several shades of nude to brown.

Lipstick price: PLN 156 / €37 / $32 / £32.

Price of the lip liner: PLN 115 / €37 / $22 / £22.

When developing SKKN BY KIM Makeup, my goal was not only to create universal, essential cosmetics, but also to ensure that our products are clean, moisturizing and help improve the look and feel of your skin with every use.

brand founder and CEO, Kim Kardashian
kim kardashian new skkn cosmetics
photo: Greg Swales, SKKN BY KIM
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