Daria Zawiałow is the first Polish ambassador of YSL Beauty. "My heart is pounding"

No one expected it, but many people are delighted with the latest news: Daria Zawiałow has become the first Polish ambassador of the YSL Beauty brand. The singer announced the news on her social media.

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Daria Zawiałow is one of the group of valued Polish artists of the young generation. Her expressiveness and charisma were appreciated by the managers of YSL Beauty. The singer has just become the first Polish ambassador of the brand .

"My heart is pounding": Daria Zawiałow announced that she is the new ambassador of YSL Beauty

AAA! I am honored to become the first Polish ambassador of YSL Beauty. My heart is pounding. DREAMS COME TRUE

This is how Daria shared the latest news with her fans today via her social media. Positive comments and congratulations cheering the singer immediately poured in. Daria Zawiałow's fan community is proud of the fact that she became the first Polish ambassador of YSL Beauty.

The brand is to support the artist in the promotion of the new album (according to an interview with Gazeta Wyborcza). There is also a big event related to Daria's activities scheduled to take place in the fall, but she can't mention it yet.

We keep our fingers crossed and congratulate you on joining the group of 23 YSL ambassadors.

Her personality perfectly reflects the spirit of YSL, which is why we are happy to welcome her to the global YSL BEAUTÉ family

emphasizes Krzysztof Bożek, Brand Business Director of YSL Beauté Polska.
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