Oh Daisy! Daisies on nails are taking over summer trends

#daisynails is a hashtag that is growing in popularity on Instagram by the minute. This doesn't surprise us at all. Daisies on nails look fresh, cheerful, girly and - above all - stylish. You can't accuse them of anything. They are perfect! Let's wear daisy nails with pride this summer.

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Would you agree with us that the daisy is charming? Its charm gives the manicure a girlish optimism. We can't take our eyes off the nails, which are dominated by floral patterns. And even more so with daisies. #daisynails dominates Instagram not only in spring - it also dominates summer trends. Browse through the most beautiful inspirations - show your stylist what you want your new daisy nails to look like.

Daisy Nails – daisies are the queens of floral nail designs this summer

The motif of flowers on nails appears here and there in trending hashtags on Instagram regarding manicure. #flowernails , #summernails , #springnails #nailsinspiration among others . #daisynails is also becoming more and more popular since spring . Charming daisies have a huge group of admirers. And it's no wonder - they make your nails look stunning. Soon, white flowers will take over summer trends (it's also a great idea for spring nails !).

Browse through the styles we have collected and get inspired! There is a link to the Instagram post under each photo.

Daisies on nails among pastels

Composing charming white flowers with lilac or pastel yellow creates a whole that is difficult to take your eyes off. We like monochromatic manicure and just pastel shades on all nails would be ideal, but with daisies they become ultra-stylish and magnetic .

Fashionable nails - daisies subtly with the color of the sky

The shade of a cloudless sky combined with the delicacy of daisies creates the image of a warm summer day . Flowers can be made using a precise brush or special stamps.

daisy nails
@tessa.lyn.nails / Instagram

Daisy nails - white petals accompanied by bright shades

This is one of the most popular motifs - a combination of daisies with geometric patterns in bright colors. The bolder and more abstract the option, the happier and more impressive it is . Vivid neon colors can be found in many collections of famous nail polish brands.

colorful nails with daisies
@lindseysbeautylounge1 / Instagram

Daisies in rainbow colors

Do daisies have to have only white petals? Not necessarily, just like in nature, these flowers can take on different shades on the nails . It's worth going crazy with patterns - pastels look subtle and beautiful , but neons are what attract attention .

pastel 70s abrowngirlrecommends
@abrowngirlrecommends / Instagram

daisy nails
@beautyspace_charlotte / Instagram

nails flowers neon lights brushedbyb_
@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

Charming daisies on your nails in good company

We combine flowers with various elements, creating unconventional patterns. Some look really summery, others look funny. Some of them make us nostalgic for the 2000s . And in what company will daisies create a sensation by decorating your nails? Next to patterns of rainbows, clouds, suns, stars, faces, fruits and hearts.

daisies on nails and rainbow fiellennails
@fiellennails / Instagram

abstract daisy nails pop_polished
@pop_polished / Instagram

So pure! Neutral, but still charming and glamorous

Naturalness will always be fashionable regardless of the season. Its main advantage is that it is universal and will fit into any outfit. White flowers? Thanks to daisies, an ordinary French manicure gains character .

Be sure to write in the comment which style you would like to see on your nails. And if you want to show off your manicure, tag us on Instagram - @beaumag.pl and #beaumagpl - and maybe we will share your photo on our profile.

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