Mismatched nails – a summer trend that allows for freedom in manicure

Mismatched nails outclassed many manicure trends that had dominated so far. This eclectic styling is the choice of celebrities and it girls. After all, it's a great way to express yourself and your creativity. Mismatched nails have become a living trend in the world of fashion and beauty. Browse through our inspirations and see what manicure you can choose this time.

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What is the phenomenon of the " mismatched nails " trend? This unique style allows for endless possibilities of personalization and experimentation with colors, textures, decorations and patterns. Mismatched nails is about deliberately painting each nail in a different shade or motif , resulting in a cheerful and eye-catching effect.

Mismatched nails – millions of exciting combinations

In the case of mismatched nails, there are no rules or restrictions . Bold colors, complex designs, patterns, graphics and contrasting textures, tile length - go as wild as you want! From geometric shapes, funny faces, hearts, black and white checkerboards to floral motifs - each nail can present a separate artistic concept , allowing you to express your own personality and mood . Additionally, you can use techniques such as gradients, ombre, glitter accents and various nail stickers to diversify your manicure even more.

The popularity of mismatched nails is constantly growing thanks to celebrities and influencers. They inspire by wearing eclectic manicures and showing them off on social media platforms. This trend has transcended traditional nail styling norms, encouraging people to experiment and step outside of their comfort zone.

An idea to express yourself - get inspired by mismatched nails styling

Mismatched nails is an invitation to experiment with colors and patterns that reflect our mood and character . They allow us to show the world who we are. It's no wonder that celebrities and it girls love this trend so much. Hailey Bieber, Rihanna , and recently Julia Wieniawa, among others, decided to style their nails with mismatched nails .

mismatched nails hailey bieber
@haileybieber / Instagram

Below you will find some inspiring styles. Let me know which one caught your attention and which one you would like to see on your nails.  

1# Pastel edging

The combination of pastels, dots and flowers creates a unique whole. It's cheerful and resembles a bullet journal book style.

2# Happy y2k

A colorful checkerboard and cheerful graphics - it's hard to take your eyes off this styling!

3# Glazed donut + mismatched nails

Minimalist and at the same time extravagant.

glazed donut mismatched nails peachinails
@peachinails / Instagram

4# Peachy avant-garde

5# Symbols of summer

Strawberries, cherries, watermelon, sunflower - aren't they associated with summer?

6# Barbiecore

An intense combination of two leading trends - mismatched nails and barbiecore.

7# Checkered

We are very much in favor of YES!

nails inspirations idea phoebesummernails
@phoebesummernails / Instagram

8# Creepy, but cute

9# Groovy

10# Definition of pink

11#Chrome nails

12# Yin Yang

Harmony in mismatched nails.

13# In the clouds

The magic of colors!

gels.byjess colorful nails mismatched nails
@gels.byjess / Instagram

14# That '70s Show

15# Pazy in bohomazy

So, which of the above mismatched nails styles did you like the most?

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