Barbie style nails, ideas for Barbie nails. Barbiecore manicure – go for the pink!

The world is already crazy about the movie "Barbie". So we cannot be left behind. Check out how you can turn a traditional manicure into a styling full of vibrant pink. Browse fantastic Barbie Nails ideas. Let the ubiquitous barbiecore take over you too.

Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
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In the fabulous world of Barbie-style nails, pink is the star that steals the show. You can keep it simple and classic, but isn't barbiecore about fun ? All this will be possible thanks to various pink shades of nail polishes, a bit of glitter, sequins and characteristic decorations, especially those in the shape of bows . Whether you prefer short or long nails, Barbie Nails allow you to capture the fun and charm of Barbie's world in any style. Now get inspired by ideas for an extremely pink manicure and go crazy!

Barbie Nails - pink to suit your face

In the dazzling world of Barbie Nails, pink emerges as the reigning queen, creating a kingdom where creativity, fun and sophistication work together. When deciding on a barbiecore manicure, don't be afraid of pink. There's going to be more than enough of it! Combine its tones in different saturation with prints, stickers and lots of sparkle.

#1 Checkered

Do you agree that this variation of Barbie-style pink nails is extremely stylish? 

checkered nails barbie nails barbiecore
@peachinails / Instagram

#2 Cherry, cherry Barbie

Cherries on nails are a hot trend this summer. Combined with pink, they will receive thousands of compliments.

cherry nails barbie nails
@heluviee / Instagram

#3 Barbie Nails Ombre

When you don't want simplicity, but you don't want overcomplication either.

barbie nails barbiecore ombre nails
@indigodistributor_sara / Instagram

#4 Barbie Mismatched Nails

This is a proposition for fans of maximalism. Pink nails – each different.

barbie nails mismatched nails barbiecore
@peachinails / Instagram

#5 Glazed Barbie Nails

Glazed Nails has been popular for several months, mainly thanks to Hailey Bieber. Therefore, this idea cannot be missing in the list of ideas for Barbie Nails.

glazed barbie nails nails
@nailsbyalsn / Instagram

#6 And I'm going to the cinema like this...

This is a manicure for true Barbie lovers.

nails barbie movie idea
@naileditbeauty / Instagram

#7 Barbie or Ken style nails?

When you can't decide on one color - Barbie's or Ken's favorite - so you decide on both.

barbie ken nails
@gelpolish_bar / Instagram

#8 Barbie cowgirl

Pink combined with an unconventional animal motif - this is what we like!

barbie animal prints nanocie
@diamondstudionails / Instagram

#9 Shine bright like a Barbie

There's never enough shine, as befits Barbie.

#10 Barbie Nails – short means fashionable

For some time now, long pointed nails have been losing out to short-cut nails. However, there should be plenty of pink on them.

short barbie nails
@gels/byjess / Instagram

#11 Subtle, but not expressionless

Our list couldn't miss a manicure with a bow element.

barbiecore nails barbie bows
@nailsbyalsn / Instagram

#12 Barbie-style nails with a bit of sparkle

Twisted glitter swirls against the background of colorful spots - a fun manicure that cannot be denied chic.

Barbie nails glitter nails
@charlsgelnails_ / Instagram

#13 Barbie astronaut

Playfulness and strangeness - this styling is truly cosmic! Certainly, Barbie going to explore distant galaxies would not be ashamed of such nails.

#14 Barbie-style microfrench

A very delicate manicure, something for those who do not want to show off their love for barbiecore, but at the same time want to add a little Barbie touch to the classic style.

micro french barbie nails
@matejanova / Instagram

#15 French manicure all in pink

Combine two shades of pink in a french coat and admire the final effect.

#16 Retro Barbie nails

Barbie-style nails don't have to be completely pink. We were completely sold on this last styling.

retro barbie nails
@by_hannaytaylor / Instagram

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