FALL in Love! Autumn nails: What nails are hot for autumn? Ideas for fall 2023

Autumn is the time when we pay attention to warmer tones and characteristic nail patterns that will perfectly match seasonal styling. These few inspirations for autumn nails 2023 will certainly appeal to both beginners and advanced manicure lovers.

Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
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Tick-tock, autumn has arrived. The awakening autumn lovers in us are already waiting for an abundance of beige, brown, red and other warm tones, also on nails. What will be hot this fall ? What trends will dominate at the end of 2023? Get ready for a small dose of inspiration for autumn nails !

nails for autumn, animal prints

This will always work for autumn nails

1. Warm shades of brown and beige - these colors fit perfectly into the autumn aura, adding elegance and coziness to your nails. They can be combined with other tones (they play perfectly with black and orange), creating interesting compositions, e.g. with delicate decorations in the form of leaves or dots.

2. Navy blue and dark green – more suggestions for autumn nails. These deep, saturated colors look great on long and short tiles, and also match perfectly with autumn clothes in shades of gray, brown or khaki.

nailalamode fall nails 2023 navy blue
photo: @ nailalamode / Instagram

3. Shades of red and burgundy - a classic that never goes out of fashion. Red and burgundy are colors that add expressiveness and elegance to nails. It is worth experimenting with different shades and combining them with other colors, e.g. gold or silver, to create eye-catching decorations.

nails for fall burgundy cherry wine nails
@mariannnan / Instagram

4. Metallic varnishes – autumn is the perfect time to reach for metallic varnishes. Silver, gold or copper shades look divine on nails, adding shine and originality. They can be used alone or as a detail, an addition to a full manicure.

5. Geometric patterns - autumn nails can also be decorated with geometric patterns that will make them look modern. Don't be afraid of abstractions! It is worth experimenting with different shapes, e.g. triangles, rectangles or lines, and combining them with other colors and decorations.

Where to get ideas for autumn nails

Follow the profiles of famous trendsetters and nail stylists. Look for inspiration on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest or YouTube, where the latest trends and ideas for autumn manicure are often presented. In addition, you can also draw inspiration from fashionable clothing patterns, seasonal colors or even the nature around us.

What shape of nails for autumn?

Among the trending lengths, it is worth paying attention to the advantages of short and square nails:

Short length - in the fall we often do various housework, so short nails are a practical solution that does not make it difficult to perform everyday activities. Additionally, they look elegant and neat.

Square Shape – This shape is universal and fits most hands. Moreover, square nails are easy to maintain and do not require frequent filing.

Of course, almond, pointed and oval nails will also be fashionable, as every year. The choice of nail shape depends on individual preferences and the appearance of the hands and nail matrix. It is important that you feel good with the chosen shape and that it is practical in everyday use.

saskiafenwick autumn nails 2023 olive green
Olive green, sage and matcha latte are some of the trends for autumn nails 2023, photo: @saskiafenwick / Instagram

Autumn nails – what colors of nail polish are worth having in your makeup bag in 2023?

In autumn, choose fashionable nail polish colors that will perfectly match seasonal styles. This year, autumn nail trends are dominated by shades of brown and green, but it is also worth paying attention to other popular nail polish colors. Here are some suggestions that are worth having in your collection:

  • Various shades of brown - brown is a color that fits perfectly into the autumn aura. It's worth trying both darker and lighter shades of this color to find your favorite.
  • Navy blue and black - these classic colors are not only elegant, but also universal. Navy blue and black nails will match most autumn styles, especially beige striped sweaters in the old money .
  • Burgundy – a deep, dark and intense shade of red is another must-have for autumn. Burgundy nails will add character to any styling.
  • Green – a perfect proposition for lovers of colors inspired by nature. Bottle green will look great on both short and long nails. Sage, olive and matcha colors will be fashionable in fall 2023 - Matcha Latte Nails look amazing on almond nails.
  • Gold and copper – yes, these shades perfectly complement autumn nail styling in the form of details.

When choosing nail polish colors for autumn, it is worth remembering to diversify your collection. Thanks to this, you will be able to match your manicure to various occasions and outfits. Don't be afraid to experiment with colors and combine seemingly incompatible colors to create unique and fashionable nails for fall.

Trends among celebrities for autumn nails 2023

This season, it is worth paying attention to autumn manicure trends observed among stars and celebrities, who often set the direction in fashion, also when it comes to nails. Here are some of the most important trends for fall 2023:

Minimalism – more and more stars choose simple, single-color nails. Therefore, it is worth choosing classic shades such as brown, navy blue or burgundy, which are fashionable this season.

Geometric patterns - rectangles, triangles and lines are popular motifs decorating celebrities' nails. These types of patterns can be easily made yourself, using manicure tape or a thin brush.

paintboxnails nails for fall 2023 2024
@paintboxnails / Instagram

Matte finish – matte nails are another trend that is gaining popularity. Therefore, it is worth purchasing a matte top coat that will allow you to achieve the desired effect on any color of varnish.

French manicure in a new version - classic French manicure returns in a slightly changed form. Stars experiment with different colors and line thicknesses, creating original and fresh styles.

Stickers and decorations – various types of stickers, sequins and crystals are increasingly appearing on stars' nails. These types of decorations can be easily added to your manicure to make it more unique.

Fashionable nails for autumn - the best inspirations for autumn manicure

You are looking for it, we found it - here are some suggestions for a fashionable autumn manicure:

Coffee nails for fall

Autumn nails in the color of coffee or chocolate are one of the most fashionable trends of this season. Warm tones, inspired by a little black dress, latte and cappuccino, perfectly fit the autumn atmosphere. You can choose both plain and patterned styles, combining different shades of brown.

nailsxmina fall nails coffee nails 2023
@nailsxmina / Instagrame

Nails for fall 2023: Dominant red

Red nails are consistently popular in autumn. It is worth paying attention to various shades of red, such as burgundy, cherry or crimson, which will fit perfectly into the autumn color palette.

overglowedit nails for fall 2023 autumn manicure
@overglowedit / Instagram

Autumn nails with pearls

Delicate autumn nails with pearls are a proposition for lovers of subtle decorations. To create such a manicure, simply glue small pearls to your nails, creating the desired motifs or decorating only selected nails.

heygreatnails nails pearl nails autumn nails 2023
@heygreatnails / Instagram

Autumn ombre – inspiration for the undecided

Autumn ombre is a perfect option for people who can't decide on one color. Experiment by creating smooth transitions between colors, e.g. from darker brown to light beige (you'll need a sponge).

Glass nails for autumn

Glass nails are an eye-catching trend that will work great on autumn nails. To create such a manicure, you can use special foils or varnishes that reflect light, creating the effect of glass nails. This trend will stay with us until winter, also in the form of ombre.

nailedbybrandi glass chrome ombre nails autumn nails 2023
@nailedbybrandi / Instagram

How to wear beige nails in autumn? Universal nude shades

Beige nails are a universal choice for autumn. It is worth paying attention to various shades of nude, which fit perfectly into the autumn color palette. They can be worn alone or in combination with other colors or patterns - this year they will play great with brown (combine them together to create a variation on coffee nails).

Checkered nails for autumn – checked nails

Checkered autumn nails are another fashionable trend of this season. You can make checkered patterns yourself using manicure tape, a thin brush or ready-made stickers. Play around with line thicknesses - it won't be boring!

sophloyd autumn nails checked nails 2023
@sophfloyd / Instagram

Moon Nails – not only for Halloween

The moon on the nails adds a bit of mystery to the manicure. Use this theme this fall. Spooky nails aren't just reserved for Halloween.

Oranges and burgundy

Orange nails are another option for autumn. Pay special attention to characteristic shades of orange, such as rust, apricot or brick red.  

Fancy autumn nails, i.e. swirl nails

Swirl nails is a trend for autumn nails, which involves creating unique patterns using spiral lines. To achieve this effect, you can use a thin brush or a special nail art probe.

nailsbyjanine_x autumn nails 2023
@ nailsbyjanine.x / Instagram

Autumn French – or just a classic?

Autumn French manicure is not only about the classic white stripe on the tips of the nails. Have fun with colors! Don't get bored.

heluviee nails for fall 2023 red french
@heluviee / Instagram

Autumn nail designs - leaves and other autumn accents

Autumn nail styling can influence our mood, adding energy and optimism on gray days. Therefore, it is worth choosing interesting patterns and motifs that will reflect the beauty of this season. One of such ideas are nails with leaves, which perfectly fit into the autumn atmosphere.

When choosing patterns with leaves, you can choose different nail art techniques. Here are some inspiring suggestions:

1. Leaves on a transparent base - delicate, subtle leaves on a transparent background that give the nails lightness and elegance.

2 . Leaves in shades of gold - golden leaves on a dark background that add shine and a unique character to the nails.

3. Leaves in the ombre technique - smooth color transitions on the leaves that create a depth and three-dimensional effect.

4. Watercolor leaves - delicate, blurred outlines of leaves that give your nails an artistic look.

5. Leaves in the  negative space - leaves filled with color, surrounded by a transparent background, which create an interesting contrast.

Nail styles with leaves can be combined with other autumn motifs, such as fruits, flowers or raindrops. Autumn accents also include pumpkins, mushrooms, animal prints, stars and moons. It is important to choose the right colors that will work harmoniously with each other, creating a coherent and aesthetic composition.

glosshouse autumn nails 2023
@glosshouse / Instagram

It is also worth remembering that autumn nail styling can affect our well-being, adding self-confidence and emphasizing our personality. Therefore, it is worth experimenting with different patterns and techniques to find a style that will perfectly suit our character and preferences.

Autumn nail styles for 2023

What fall trends will dominate this season? We already know that coffee nails will become a craze again. What else? Among others:

  • Viva Magenta,
  • Spice Pumpkin,
  • Cherry Mocha (TikTok trend),
  • Mismatched Nails,
  • Celestial Nails (there is quite a craze for stars on nails right now and maybe it will last until Christmas!).
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