Christmas nails for minimalists who can't stand boredom

Delicate, with a discreet accent, short - perfect in its simplicity. 

Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
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Simplicity and minimalism dominate Christmas nails this season ... next to a mishmash full of colors and various patterns. If you are stuck between minimalism and colorful variations, we have something for you. Here you will find ideas for a simple, elegant and discreet manicure, but not boring. Get inspired and create one-of-a-kind Christmas nails that you will proudly show off at the Christmas table. 

During the holidays, in the sphere of minimalism, boredom is banished and replaced by an atmosphere of modern charm. Enjoy the beauty of simplicity that expresses a lot in a very discreet way. Because sometimes the most captivating stories are told with the simplest strokes... of a nail polish brush. 🙂 Ready for the most interesting Christmas nail ideas that will make you feel the Christmas spirit, but in your own way?

christmas nails for christmas ideas red nails

Christmas nails: minimalism without boredom this season

This season, simplicity is like the first star in the sky - long-awaited, subtle, but full of light. Christmas nails don't have to be boring. All you need to do is add a bit of shine, subtle accents and noble colors such as emerald green, red, gold and silver to your styling. This year's hot trend also joins the classic: Sugar Plum Fairy. Pink on your nails is a hit this Christmas, also recommended for minimalists.


Classic red in a non-classic form

Red nails are a classic that never goes out of fashion and always brings a bit of festive energy to the atmosphere. And in this unusual version it burns… red hot.


Green dot over the "i"

It's a combination of nature and minimalism that will make your nails exude peace and Christmas charm.

elsgels nails for holidays 2023 2024 green
@elsgels / Instagram


Green Velvet

An intense shade of green in the texture of shiny velvet makes every hand movement an elegant gesture. Velvet nails are like little jewels that will add unique shine to any holiday outfit.

heygreatnails christmas nails 2023 2024 green french
@heygreatnails / Instagram


Sugar Plum, Sugar Nails – or maybe as Christmas nails?

The Sugar Plum Fairy is a character from The Nutcracker . Why the sudden craze for it this year? Hailey Bieber was inspired to draw inspiration from the beautiful shade of purple by publishing a tutorial on Sugar Plum Fairy Make-up . The video quickly went viral and inspired others to create their own versions of the "sugar plum". Now it's time for Christmas nails in this version! Plus, it's a great opportunity to abandon the classic Christmas colors - gold, silver, red, green - and indulge in the temptation of a subtle pink-violet shade with a bit of sparkle.

overglowedit nails sugar plum fairy christmas 2023
@overglowedit / Instagram


Golden Dots on Creamy

This delicate combination combines elegance with a charming and noble glow. The cream base provides a calm and coherent background, while gold dots add a touch of luxury and Christmas magic. This is a manicure that exudes delicacy, but at the same time attracts attention with its refined accent.

thedailynailofficial beige nails for christmas gold dots
@thedailynailofficial / Instagram


Christmas nails in a nude version, but not boring

Nude doesn't have to be boring. In the Christmas version of a simple manicure, add a few discreet accents boldly referring to Christmas.

lindseysbeautylounge1 Christmas nails patterns 2023 2024
@lindseysbeautylounge1 / Instagram
swaknails nails Christmas accents delicate patterns for Christmas 2023 2024
@swaknails / Instagram


Candy Cane – the most beautiful variations on it you have ever seen

Red and white stripes create a dynamic composition, as if candy canes were dancing on the nails. Celebrating the joy and magic of the holidays in the sweetest way possible. 🙂

basecoatstories candy cane christmas nails 2023 2024
@basecoatstories / Instagram


Have you been good this year?

Have you been good this year? Now you can express it on your nails! A French manicure with a Santa hat is like a fun summary of your year. A small detail that tells the world that even if you are a polite fashionista, you are not unfamiliar with Christmas ease and fun. Now your nails will say "ho, ho, ho!" with every wave of your hand.

Naughty version: 

beautyspace_charlotte christmas nails french santa hat
@beautyspace_charlotte / Instagram

Version for the polite:

beautyspace_charlotte Christmas nails 2023 french Santa's hat pink
@beautyspace_charlotte / Instagram


Trend of 2023: Cherry Red Nails

One in particular has mastered the fall nail trends: Cherry Red Nails . This is a manicure that creates the most exclusive look . An undeniable must-have for those who want to exude strength and stylish self-confidence during the holidays and at the end of 2023. Who knows, maybe it will follow us even until 2024 in a similar form as here, i.e. French with pearls?

thehotblend red french Christmas nails 2023 2024 delicate with pearls
@thehotblend / Instagram


Lady in Red

Adding red snowflakes to your styling will definitely improve your manicure and eliminate boredom. Although we love the classics of red and burgundy, also in shiny versions, we always and everywhere.

magnificientnails red Christmas nails with snowflakes
@magnificientnails / Instagram


Like a Christmas tree

Nails decorated like a Christmas tree with colorful baubles.


Pack up for the holidays

Give yourself a gift… in the form of an original Christmas manicure.

vivianmariewong Christmas nails red bow gift
@vivianmariewong / Instagram



Nails like baubles? Why not! Just a few colorful dots are enough.


Christmas nails for busy people

Elf helper: adhesive tape. Using it, you can create an original styling on simple beige nails. Minimalism, but creative!

press_reset_nails Christmas nails with adhesive ribbon gift
@press_reset_nails / Instagram


Oh Christmas tree!

Are you thinking about nails all in green? Choose a small accent in the form of a Christmas tree - make it using the negative space ( cut out ) technique on one of your fingernails. An elegant – and still minimalist – brick effect!

thenaillologist christmas nails green 2023 2024 christmas tree
@thenaillologist / Instagram


First star

Before the first star appears in the sky, let its charm appear on your nails.

_by_shelley Christmas star nails
@_by_shelley / Instagram

Tell us which inspirations you particularly liked!

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