Zoom in on a hot beauty trend: Glazed Blush in the spotlight

Microtrends, especially those created by the power of TikTok, come and go in the blink of an eye. However, there is one trend that will be hard to part with for a long time: Glazed Blush. It captivates with its shine and visibly rejuvenates the look.  

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Ultra-fresh-looking skin on the cheeks, radiant and slightly pink - Glazed Blush all year round. It's something like a combination of pink and cream highlighter. Thanks to it, we look visibly younger, brighter and healthy. And that's why the so-called glazed pink is triumphing in the makeup part of TikTok.

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Glazed Blush convinces you to go for a good blush

It will be nothing new when we write that well-applied pink can rejuvenate your appearance and add girlish charm. But Glazed Blush is more than that. Adding a bit of fresh shine to your blushes – satin and slightly creamy – will create an even more desirable effect.

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From fashion runways to Hollywood red carpets, glazed blush has become a go-to technique for makeup artists looking to create a fresh, modern aesthetic. Its ability to impart a subtle yet striking glow has made it a favorite among celebrities and beauty influencers alike.

Leading makeup artists happily show off shimmering blushes on their models, and Hollywood stars and celebrities are following in their footsteps. Glazed Blush combats the ubiquitous grayness of winter. And although we should abandon Barbiecore in 2024, it does not mean that we have to completely forget about pink. Bah! This season we're adding some sparkle! And if pink doesn't suit you, you can choose peach or brown tones.

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How to get Glazed Blush ?

Creamy and liquid blushes will definitely come in handy. Thanks to the fact that we have such a rich beauty market, it is easy to find something perfect with a bit of shine. You can use the powder blush you have and then apply a little cream highlighter or balm to your skin. Add power to your makeup by choosing formulas with moisturizing properties. The effect of fashionable glazing and care in one!

To achieve a lifting effect, apply blush just above the cheekbones and a little in the center. Don't aim for the lower parts, because you will get the opposite result. youthful look with another action - try extending the blush towards the center of the face, and also apply blush... to the tip of the nose.

Glazed Blush is all about blending naturally into the skin - there is no room for unevenness, spots or clear lines.

Did you know that the Glazed Blush trend draws inspiration from the refined techniques of Korean makeup, in particular the technique known as "mul-gwang" or "water glow" or "dewy glow"?

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What products do we recommend for Glazed Blush? Our latest discovery is the NYX Cosmetics JUMBO MULTI-USE FACE STICK pencil in the shade 04 Blueberry Muffin. You can also try the new Essence Cosmetics Baby Got Bush or the iconic Charlotte Tilbury blush.

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