Without a doubt, "Kitty Cut" will win the hearts of many hair lovers. This is the most fashionable cut of the start of 2024

Get ready for the Kitty Cut. A hairstyle full of sensuality that will give your hair XXL volume.

Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
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Insane in its simplicity, easy to style - the "Kitty Cut" hairstyle seems to be the perfect solution for the coming months. And let's add - super fashionable . Other "animal" cuts that ruled last year - "Wolfette" and "Butterfly Cut" - are fading into the background.

"Kitty Cut" - fashionable cut of 2024. Longer than a bob, shorter than Rachel from "Friends"

The most fashionable hairstyle of the upcoming seasons is a class in itself. The "Kitty Cut" is ultra-feminine, sexy, and thanks to light layers and length combinations, it will suit each of us. If you decide on such a cut, ask your hairdresser to adjust its length to the shape of your face. In the "Kitty Cut", the hair can reach the jawline or be slightly longer and fall gently onto the collarbones.

emilyshak hairstyle cut 2024 kitty cut
@emilyshak / Instagram

Why is it worth choosing the "Kitty Cut"? Because it is undemanding in styling and can easily be matched to the hair texture. It will look great on light waves, curls and straight strands.

What is the Kitty Cut?

The "Kitty Cut" is no different than a layered bob. This cut achieves a subtle shape, greater volume and expressiveness - longer layers and possible curtain bangs accentuate the cheekbones and create an optical effect of cat eyes. Now do you know where its name comes from? It draws inspiration from the layered hairstyles of the 70s and is a reinterpretation of the "Wolf Cut".

shay.sullivann kitty cut the most fashionable cut 2024
multiple layers of hair in Kitty Cut create fantastic XXL volume, @shay.sullivann / Instagram

How to style this most fashionable cut of 2024?

As experts say, "Kitty Cut" is ultra-easy, pleasant and quick to style. To obtain a natural hairstyle, simply dry your hair with a hairdryer and gently apply a fixing cream with your hands. For the effect of light, layered waves, dry your hair with a round brush, bending it back. Additional volume and reflection of hair at the roots guaranteed. Curly strands also look beautiful in the "Kitty Cut" - just make sure you use good styling products and activate the curl, proceeding as usual.  

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"Kitty Cut" trends - inspirations that will keep your (cat's) eyes peeled

Ready for some inspiration? Here are some fashionable suggestions for the "Kitty Cut" - pick up the ideas and give them to your hairdresser. Check social media too, because experts predict this cut will go viral and be replicated. And it's no wonder - after all, we like to look great without much effort, right? 😉

Blond waves

waves kitty cut 2024 miloszhairstylist
@miloszhairstylist / Instagram

Clear layers

layers lauraharrier cut kitty cut
@lauraharrier / Instagram

Thick curls

belleprocida curls kitty cut 2024
@belleprocida / Instagram

"Kitty Cut" adds volume

cassdimicco hairstyle kitty cut 2024
@cassdimicco / Instagram

The sexiest cut of 2024

estelanewbold sexy fashionable cut 2024 kitty cut
@estelanewbold / Instagram

Layer on layer

"Kitty cut" with curtain bangs

We know this is no discovery. However, we believe that this type of hairstyles will now be popular not only among trendsetters and influencers. Because you have to admit one thing - the "Kitty Cut" looks amazing. Unless you prefer out-of-the-box like "Jellyfish Cut"?

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