The obsession with bows in the hair continues unabated. The "bow stacking" trend will also dominate this year

Bows in the hair have dominated the world of influencers, it girls and celebrities. No wonder, because the Hair-Bow trend is unique and charming - it adds chic to every, literally every hairstyle.

Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
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Hair-Bow, known as "bow stacking", is certainly not a passing whim, but an expression of a certain kind of aesthetics that permeates both casual reality and the most exclusive galas. This trend has basically exploded over the last dozen or so months. According to the report, Pinterest will dominate all of 2024. And we don't doubt it.

jennifer lopez hair bow bows in hair
Jennifer Lopez at the Elie Saab Haute Couture show on January 24, 2024, @jlo / Instagram

Because bows will decorate your hair for any occasion, restoring a note of subtlety and nonchalance to fashion. Ribbons can be small or huge, placed individually or in a group - they will look equally unique and chic in every style. A refined detail that can do a lot. We are rediscovering ribbons in our hair - they are experiencing a second youth, counting from the age of 90.

Allison Willians Golden Globes bow stacking hairstyles
Allison Willians at the Golden Globe Awards, @bazaaruk / Instagram

Basically, it all started with influencers weaving Chanel ribbons into their hair, changing their purpose - turning an element of luxury packaging into a fashionable accessory.

carajourdan chanel ribbons bow in hair hairstyles 2024 bow hair
@carajourdan / Instagram

Bows in the hair will not go away for a long time - we love "bow stacking" and in 2024

Celebrities and it girls, who are always at the forefront of the fashion revolution, are perfectly aware that ribbons in their hair are not just an accessory. This is a unique way to emphasize character and individuality. By opting for classic updos or natural waves, trendsetters seem to admit that a bow (or several at once) has the power to transform even the simplest hairstyle into something unique. Many fashion designers are now focusing on this stylish detail - "bow stacking" can be seen in haute couture , both in models' hair and as an element of clothing.

The "bow stacking" trend is like a manifestation of aesthetics that combines elegance with nonchalance, creating something more than just a fashion effect. It is an expression of creativity, courage and love for detail. It also fits into the quiet luxury . Well-played, it will also cope with the new hot – and controversial – aesthetic: mob wife .

While walking (often virtually) on the streets of fashion capitals, you can notice how bows in your hair become an integral part of your everyday look , giving it a girlish character and style. Streetstyle rediscovered.

shestyledwhat ribbons in her hair
Bubble Ponytail with bows, @shestyledwhat / Instagram

Just check out Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok, which are full of unique ideas presenting the latest trends. Take a look at what celebrities and celebrities wear. Don't forget about street styles that contain unexpected fashion gems - discreetly pay attention to people you pass on the street.  

Below you will find some of our unique discoveries that will inspire you to enhance your own style. That's what we hope. 😉

Sweet bow: girly pink

You can loosely tie the front strands with a bow.

Lace work

Lace bows match chic, French styling and all the extravagance of haute couture .

emelieolson bow in hair lace bow stacking 2024
@emelieolson / Instagram

Bow with pearls – Coquette Core

idacelinemadsen bow with pearls in hair bow stacking 2024
@idacelinemadsen / Instagram

Red in accessories

You can weave the ribbon into a loose braid. And remember – red bows are not just reserved for Christmas.

mariellehaon bow in hair bow stacking trend 2024 red
@mariellehaon / Instagram
camillenakachian red bow hair hairstyles 2024
@camillenakachian / Instagram
_melisoto a colorful bow in her hair
@_melisoto / Instagram

White and beige in bow stacking

Small white ribbons in the hair add class and girlish charm.

carajourdan bow stacking hair trend 2024 fashionable hairstyles
@carajourdan / Instagram
styledbyvienne white ribbon in hair bow stocking 2024
@styledbyvienne / Instagram

Bows in the hair – classic black

Super stylish, classic and refined.

lex_nicoleta bow in hair trend 2024
@lex_nicoleta / Instagram

Quiet Luxury

daisiesandglitter fashionable hairstyles 2024 bow stacking houte couture
@daisiesandglitter / Instagram

Clip with a bow - the devil is in the details

Bows in your hair can be an element made of ribbons, but they are equally beautiful - and stylish! – they will work well as a fashionable accessory in the form of a hairpin.

mariellehaon hairstyle styling bow in hair
@mariellehaon / Instagram

Two braids, two bows

shestyledwhat bows braids trend bow hair 2024
@shestyledwhat / Instagram

Stylish pink

More bows are not an exaggeration

julieblichfeld layered bows in hair black fashionable bow stacking hairstyles 2024
@julieblichfeld / Instagram

Do you already wear bows in your hair? Have you been carried away by the "bow stacking" trend?

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