The most fashionable bangs of the season? It is worn by French it girls and Dua Lipa

Light, airy bangs that do not fully cover the forehead but go down to the eyes have recently become Dua Lipa's trademark. She was loved not only by this popular British singer, but also by French it girls. The fashionable "transparent fringe" is also entering Polish streets.

Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
Joanna Żołnierkiewicz
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Curtain bangs, i.e. sideways bangs, which have been fashionable in recent seasons, are giving way to a new version. French women choose this option. And there's no point in being surprised. Change is good. And the light fringe, almost transparent, rejuvenates and adds style .

Light bangs – is this a bit of a return to the 80s? It turns out that YES!

Let's forget about the disadvantages of bangs for a moment. It has many advantages . It sculpts facial features, highlights the look, highlights what is beautiful and can mask minor imperfections. Of course, if it is well suited to... several parameters of our beauty. The shape of the face, texture, porosity and color of the hair, its length, as well as the desired styling effect are also important. But with light bangs, fashionable this season, it's a bit different. It can suit anyone .

daniellemarcan light bangs
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In American magazines, these types of bangs are referred to as "wispy bangs", "see-through bangs" or "mall bangs". It may strongly refer to the style of the 80s. Let's be honest, we don't copy it 1:1. It has undergone a small revolution and does not have to be as upholstered as it used to be . However, its "translucent" character remains. This type of fringe should be as light as possible, free and falling gently over the eyes . "Mall bangs" in our dimension are intended to reveal part of the forehead and delight with its smoothness, softness and dazzling shine. It's a far cry from the protruding pods that "impressed" me in the 1980s .

"Transparent" bangs are a compromise of style and flawless beauty

Light fringe, although it can be called "sheer", "sheer" or even "half-bang", is not only a stylish choice, but also universal. Due to its subtlety and airiness, as well as the possibility of individual styling, it will suit virtually any type of beauty and type of hair (high porosity hair requires a little help in modeling).

A subtle evolution towards lightness is a way to have bangs at any time of the year. Modern "mall bangs" do not cover the entire forehead and do not increase the potential for oily skin in this area. If necessary, the light fringe can be fastened with a clip on the top of the head or combed to the sides, giving you the possibility of thousands of hairstyles, and at the same time being comfortable . It becomes airy like a tulle veil, elegantly framing the face and emphasizing the natural beauty . It blends in more neatly with the entire hairstyle and is "less painful" if we decide to make a metamorphosis. It is discreet and girly . And much easier to style than other types of bangs - just a few strokes with a round brush are enough.

With light bangs it will suit your face - get inspired!

Dua Lipa, among others, chose "transparent" bangs, such as "wispy bangs". She presented her new hairstyle at the premiere of the film Omar La Fraise .

This type of light bangs is also loved by trendsetters, including French it girls, and celebrities such as Camilla Cabello or Sabrina Carpenter. Check out how they wear it and get inspired!

wispy bangs light bangs lauriezanolettihair
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sabrinacarpenter see-through bangs light bangs
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nessabarrett light bangs
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daniellemarcan hairstyle change wispy bangs light bangs
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How about some bangs like this? Will you decide to undergo a minor transformation?

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