How to fasten your hair with a clamp? Stylish hairstyles, the queen of which is a hair clip

The favorite fashion accessory from the 90s is back with a vengeance. He has captured summer trends and has no intention of letting them go. A hair clip is a product that will give your hair a nonchalant or elegant charm. It all depends on how you style it. How to fasten your hair with a clamp? Get some inspiration from our article.
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Scroll through Instagram and you'll realize how popular the hair clip is these days. It is worn by trendsetters, celebrities and influencers . We are not surprised at all and we are glad that this gadget is back in favor. It is comfortable, allows you to style your hair in a few seconds , and at the same time can add style to your hair. Do you want to know how to fasten your hair with a clasp to gain a nonchalant character or achieve a luxurious look ? Feel free to scroll down for some inspiration.

A brief history of hairpins and barrettes

The fascinating history of hairpins dates back to ancient times, when in ancient Egypt, ingenious solutions were used to keep hair tidy. Women then pinned their strands with decorative pins . Originally, hairpins were simple, but made of various materials, such as metal, wood and even ivory. They were used to create buns or fasten only sections of hair.

However, with the advent of industrialization and changing fashion trends in the 20th century, hairpins underwent a remarkable transformation. The stylish 1920s brought the appearance of unique hair clips, beautifully complementing the characteristic hairstyles of that era. They were, among other things, decorated with feathers and crystals. As the decades have passed, hair clips and barrettes have evolved to adapt to the ever-changing fashion landscape.


The most fashionable bangs of the season? It is worn by French it girls and Dua Lipa

She was loved not only by this popular British singer, but also by French it girls. The fashionable "transparent fringe" is also entering Polish streets.

Now think back to the 1990s and early 21st century. Do you remember butterfly and frog clips and hair clips ? We wore them in various colors, often combined with an elastic choker around the neck. Colorful small hair clips won the hearts of the young generation of the time and became fashionable all over the world . Even Britney Spears wore them.

Today, various hair clips are back in fashion, including small and colorful ones. When browsing photos on Instagram and Pinterest, you will definitely notice characteristic flower-shaped hairpins in various shades.  

jessnoons flower hair clip
@jessnoons / Instagram


Flower hair clip, blue

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Flower hair clip, orange

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In our article you will find some creative hairstyles that you can get inspired by. We chose styles using both a large hair clip, small barrettes and a characteristic French hair clip.

Clamp for thick hair – how to style it?

If you have thick and curly hair that barely fits into the clamp, try a little trick. First, divide the strands into two sections - upper and lower - and secure them with bobby pins. Then gently connect them and twist them slightly, then fasten them together with a hair clip.

For thick strands, choose accessories with wider teeth. The hair clip should be larger and fuller so that it can capture all the strands. Small and delicate, they won't be able to cope with a storm of curls.

You can also fasten only the upper part of your hair with a clamp, doing it in different ways.

Hair styling with a clip - inspirations , top hairstyles

We are curious which hairstyles below stole your heart! Check out some valuable short tutorials and hair styling suggestions.

How to stylishly fasten medium and short hair with a clasp?

Short hair does not mean boring hairstyles! You can also easily fasten them with a buckle.

French clip on short hair

french clip for short hair kerrywashington
@kerrywashington / Instagram

How to fasten long hair with a clasp?

How to style long hair with a clip?

gingerosesmith hair clip
@gingerosesmith / Instagram

aanchalmohan hair clip styling clip inspiration 2023
@aanchalmohan / Instagram

French hair clip

french buckle hair clip parismodeshop
@parismodeshop / Instagram

Gold hair clip

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