Cool blonde, warm brown, both at once? This is vanilla chai hair!

Perfect balayage for autumn. A delicious transformation of light brown or dark blonde hair guaranteed! Browse vanilla chai blonde for inspiration.

Małgorzata Lasota
Małgorzata Lasota
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Autumn is coming! Our favorite warm sweaters are back in our wardrobes, warming teas are back in our kitchen cabinets, and ideas for autumn styling are back in our heads. Do you want a new hair color? Be tempted by the sophisticated effect of vanilla chai hair !

What is vanilla chai hair?

Vanilla chai hair fits into the popular trend in the beauty industry of drawing ideas from culinary art. In this case, the inspiration is the vanilla chai latte drink, i.e. coffee with frothed milk and vanilla. Under the name chai latte, you can also find black tea served with milk and spices: cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom.

Can you imagine a cup in which strong, dark tea is mixed with milk? Streaks of chocolate and caramel brown intertwine and combine with creamy white. A feast for the eyes! A hairdresser will try to achieve a similar visual effect if you ask for vanilla chai blonde in the salon. This name covers balayage done in an extremely subtle way (so-called Camouflage Balayage ).

What shades are used in vanilla chai hair coloring?

The aim of this form of balayage is to obtain a contrast between the dark roots of the hair and the light shade of the strands at the length and ends. What color should the regrowth be? The creator of the term vanilla chai hair, Amy McManus, leaves us a lot of room for interpretation. The color visible at the roots of the hair may be dark or light brown or dark blonde . The length and ends should be a cool, ash-light blonde, e.g. platinum.

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Vanilla chai blonde – who is this color for?

You already know that cool blonde plays the main role in vanilla chai balayage. This color is perfect for cool-looking people who have fair, almost porcelain skin with a pinkish tint. The "vanilla tea" effect has won your heart, but do you have warm skin? Match the darker part of vanilla chai hair to your skin tone . Choose brown in a honey, nut or milk chocolate shade, which will highlight the light ends of your strands even more beautifully.

What type of hair does the vanilla chai effect look good on?

A subtle balayage inspired by vanilla latte will look charming on hair of any curl type. The delicious fullness of colors will appear in all its glory on curls, waves and springs. Straight strands will also like vanilla chai, but note : frequent use of a straightener is not recommended after lightening the hair . Regular styling with high temperature will make it difficult to keep your hair in good condition.

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How to get the perfect shade of vanilla chai blonde?

Camouflage Balayage technique , which allows you to obtain the vanilla chai hair effect, requires precision and experience. It is worth going for a vanilla hair latte to a hairdressing salon where balayage specialists work . The fastest and easiest way to achieve the desired play of colors is on hair that is naturally dark blonde or light brown. Brunettes must take into account several visits to the hairdressing salon, because the process of lightening the hair and giving it the desired shades of brown and blonde takes place in stages.

Vanilla chai hair care – what cosmetics to use?

A valuable ally in the care of a new hairstyle will be mild shampoos for blonde hair , which protect the color and prevent yellowness and brassy reflections (violet and blue). Additionally, invest in a conditioner or a humectant mask that will moisturize your hair, and an emollient that will weigh it down, smooth it and give it shine. thermo-protective cosmetics are a must-have item in the hair care ritual after bleaching .

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Properly cared for, vanilla chai hair is easy to maintain, thanks to the ability to grow longer roots without damaging the appearance of the hairstyle . Instead of going to a hairdressing salon, you will go to a cafe... for a delicious vanilla chai latte.

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Written by: Małgorzata Lasota
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