A reliable last minute gift – Braun hair styling devices

There are a few days left until Christmas and you are still looking for the perfect gift for a loved one?

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Choose a practical gift that will allow the recipient to emphasize her individual character. Braun devices are a unique gift for women who value style, like to surround themselves with high-quality items and want to take care of their hair.

The holidays are approaching and with them the time to give gifts to your loved ones. If you are still looking for the perfect gift and are terrified as the days tick away from the calendar, we have a solution for you. The Braun manufacturer offers a whole range of high-quality hair styling devices in its portfolio. They will be successful in everyday use and will allow you to make breathtaking appearance metamorphoses in 2024.

An extraordinary dryer

First of all, we recommend the HD730 dryer , which combines elegance and functionality. Inside the stylish silver casing, enlivened by shiny accents, there is a 2200 W motor. Thanks to it, hair drying takes much less time. Two-stage airflow speed regulation, three temperature ranges and the innovative Satin Protect technology allow you to adapt the device to different hair types. Daily care is made easier by two interchangeable tips - a diffuser for hair prone to curling and frizz, and a concentrator that allows you to focus on specific strands.

Similarly, a good choice for people looking for devices offering a professional level of care is the Braun BRHD785 hair dryer with ionization and a 2000 W motor. As many as ten temperature settings combined with a diffuser and a set of useful accessories open up wide styling possibilities.

However, if the person waiting for a gift travels frequently or values ​​the compactness of bathroom equipment, the BRHD380E dryer will be the best gift for them. Light and efficient, additionally equipped with IONtec technology, guarantees quick and effective drying without the effect of electrified hair. It is handy and functional - perfect for active women who spend many days a year away from home.

Braun BRHD785 hair dryer with ionization
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Advanced technology in the bathroom and handbag

Our list of proven last minute gifts also includes the Braun Satin Hair 7 BRST780E . This is a technologically advanced device that will make the hair styling process more enjoyable and is universally useful not only for smoothing hair, but also for creating delicate curls and waves. The function of automatic adjustment of the temperature level to the type of hair, based on information collected by sensors, allows you to take better care of your strands. In turn, movable ceramic plates and the Nanoglide system will make it easier to achieve professional results in the comfort of your own home.

And if we are thinking about something surprising, it is worth choosing Braun BR710 . A seemingly ordinary brush, which is actually a wireless device with an ionization function. The ability to straighten your hair without the risk of drying it out, without electrifying and frizzing, may be a hit for women who are tired of fighting with their hair in the morning before going to work.

A gift for Christmas and all year round

Why is a hair styling device such a good gift idea? This way, you will give your loved one not only a styling tool, but also a moment of relaxation and something that will allow you to take better care of yourself in 2024. Let your gift make your daily routine give way to a joyful beauty ritual!

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