The new Essence Cosmetics collection is already making noise on TikTok

Some people compare some of the products from the new collection to Charlotte Tilbury's hits.
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The Baby Got Blush and Baby Got Glow liquid blushes and highlighters can already be hailed as viral new Essence Cosmetics makeup products, although their sales have only just started.

Essence Cosmetics' spring collection includes several products that are already causing quite a stir

We have blushes, highlighters, foundations, lip glosses, lipsticks and nail polishes. 

The biggest hit on German TikTok are Essence Baby Got Blush liquid blushes, Essence Baby Got Glow highlighter and Essence Magic Filter Glow Booster foundations. Cosmetics are also on the dream list of Polish women. The craze for these products is mainly caused by comparisons to makeup gems from Charlotte Tilbury - and Essence products are much cheaper. The question remains - is it equally qualitative?

In the new collection you can choose from:

  • Baby Got Blush Liquid Blush – 2 shades, 10 Pinkalicious and 30 Dusty Rose. Price: approx. PLN 16.99 / €3.45;
  • Baby Got Glow Liquid Highlighter in shade 10 Sassy in Silk. Price approx. PLN 16.99 / €3.45;
essence baby got glow liquid highlighter
photo: Essence Cosmetics
  • Magic Filter Glow Booster illuminating facial foundations – 3 shades, 10 Light, 20 Medium, 30 Medium/Tan. Price approx. PLN 19.45 / €3.95;
  • powder pink Blush Crush! – 2 shades, 20 Deep Rose and 10 Caramel Latte. Price approx. PLN 12.49 / €2.45;
powder pink essence blush crush
photo: Essence Cosmetics
  • The Slim Stick lipsticks – 5 nude and pink shades, 101 Choc-o-holic, 102 Over The Nude, 103 Brickroad, 104 Baby Got Blush, 105 Velvet Punch. Price approx. PLN 14.49 / €2.95;
  • The Super Balm moisturizing lip balm in shades 01 Balmazing! with shea butter and vitamin E. Price approx. PLN 16.99 / €3.45;
  • Meta Glow lip gloss in shade 01 Cyber ​​Space. Price approx. PLN 14.49 / €2.95;
  • eyebrow gel + Brow Lifting Gel Set brush – for combing and modeling eyebrows. Price approx. PLN 19.49 / €3.95;
essence brow lifting gel set eyebrow gel and brush
photo: Essence Cosmetics
  • Glossy Jelly nail polishes in the fuchsia shade 01 Summer Splash and raspberry 02 Candy Gloss, with a fruity scent. Price approx. PLN 9.99 / €1.95;
  • Meta Glow top coat for nails giving a holo effect. Price approx. PLN 13.99 / €2.75.
top coat essence meta glow
photo: Essence Cosmetics

Where can you buy the new Essence Cosmetics collection with the viral Baby Got Blush and Baby Got Glow?

For now, the cosmetics are available in selected dm markt stationary stores in Germany (they will also be available online soon). However, we have a tip that they also appear in Polish drugstores here and there. However, they are already available online on the brand's website In England they will be available at

dm markt essence cosmetics drugstore 2024
New products in the dm online drugstore (; currently unavailable)

How do you like Essence Cosmetics' new spring collection for early 2024? What caught your eye the most – is it the blush and highlighter? Or maybe illuminating foundations?

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