They are already available: new lip plumping lip glosses NYX PM Duck Plump and NYX PM Vivid Rich liners

New products from NYX Cosmetics that you will probably go crazy for.
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You can get NYX PM Duck Plump lip glosses in Rossmann drugstores. They've barely appeared and they're already making a lot of noise. Why do we desire them so much?

NYX Cosmetics new products: Duck Plump lip glosses and Vivid Rich colorful liners

Adorable yellow ducklings, this time in a completely different version. You won't take them with you to the bath, but... you can hide them somewhere close to you to beautify and slightly enlarge your lips at any time. This is how the new Duck Plump lip glosses work. They give the lips volume, subtle color and ultra-shine.

In turn, fans of colors, including juicy ones, will thank the NYX Professional Makeup brand for the new Vivid Rich liners available in a range of 12 shades.

nyx duck plump tulip
photo: NYX PM

Duck Plump lip glosses – where does all the hype come from?

Is this what we dreamed about? Non-invasive lip enlargement, attractive color and great shine? Ginger provides a slight, temporary tingling sensation and swelling of the lips. The ingredient gives an immediate and long-lasting plump lips .

NYX PM Duck Plump lip glosses are available in 18 shades (one clear, several nude and several intensely colored). Highly pigmented and leave a shiny finish. The cosmetics will enlarge your lips and enhance their shape. You can achieve an even more pronounced XXL lip effect by contouring them with the NYX PM Line Loud pencil.  

What's cool is that the lip gloss formulas are 100% vegan.

Recently, the Cherry Spice shade promoted by Cardi B joined the team.

Where can you buy? You can get the new NYX Cosmetics Duck Plump lip glosses in Rossmann drugstores and online in MAKEUP, stores, and in the USA - at Ulta Beauty.

Vivid Rich liners – the power of intense color

A dozen or so juicy colors for creating precise lines - NYX Cosmetics Vivid Rich liners. Matte, shiny and metallic, inspired by precious gems. They will quickly decorate the eye effectively, helping to create a magnetic look .

The formula of the liners is smooth, creamy and highly pigmented. It blends easily, so you can also achieve the effect of colorful smokey eyes .

The price of the NYX PM Vivid Rich liner is approximately PLN 35.99. 

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