elf Cosmetics releases stunning Duochrome Liquid Eyeshadows in 3 shades

elf Cosmetics Duochrome Liquid Eyeshadow is 3 dazzling metallic shades giving a duochrome effect on the eyelids.

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Elf Duochrome Liquid Eyeshadows are basically a new, modified version of the already known elf Liquid Metallic Cream eye shadows in a duochrome edition. They are distinguished by their long-lasting formula. Applied to the eyelids, they provide a metallic, multi-dimensional effect. Their color changes with the angle of incidence and the type of light.

elf Cosmetics Duochrome Liquid Eyeshadow
photo: elf Cosmetics

elf Cosmetics Duochrome Liquid Eyeshadow – this is the metallic finish we want

elf Cosmetics Duochrome Liquid Eyeshadow can undoubtedly be added to your list of desired cosmetics. The brand assures that they are highly pigmented and guarantee a bold metallic effect. Thanks to the gel-based formula, they are long-lasting and the pigments and particles make them colorful and dazzle in the light. They harden quickly. We must add that all elf Cosmetics products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Liquid shadows are available in 3 shades:

  • Cyberpink – depending on the light, it turns from pink to gold;
  • Mer-Mazing – changes from blue to green;
  • Venus Envy – changes from white to blue and yellow.

elf Cosmetics Duochrome Liquid Eyeshadow, although only recently appeared in the brand's store, is already receiving positive reviews . People say that these shadows are stunning and have a Y2K vibe, and the Mer-Mazing shade is almost holographic. In Poland, the elf brand is not as popular as abroad , but this may change at any moment.

elf Cosmetics Duochrome Liquid Eyeshadows can currently be purchased in the official store of the brand elfcosmetics.com . The price of one shade is PLN 42 / €9 / $8 . elf ships within the EU - free delivery from PLN 205 / €35.

Elf Cosmetics are slowly appearing in increasing numbers in Douglas. They are also available in ASOS or cosibella.pl. We hope that the new shadows will also be widely available soon.

elf Cosmetics Duochrome Liquid Eyeshadow
photo: elf Cosmetics

What do you think about this type of products? Would you use any of the elf Cosmetics Duochrome Liquid Eyeshadow shades?

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