Bell knows in Autumn Vibes: New Bell Spicy Pumpkin Collection. Where can you buy?

The Bell brand announced the arrival of another cosmetics collection, which caused quite a stir. Bell Spicy Pumpkin are products for real autumn lovers. They are already on sale. Where can you get them?
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Pumpkin is one of the symbols of autumn. The Bell brand knows this very well and it is not without reason that it has created a new line, Bell Spicy Pumpkin . These are just a few makeup products and there has already been a huge buzz around them. Check what we know about them, what is in the collection, how much they cost and where and when you can buy them.

One pumpkin is not enough - the Bell Spicy Pumpkin collection

The new Spicy Pumpkin Collection line includes 7 cosmetics:

  • Bell Pumpkin Vanilla Cream Powder, scented with vanilla, in the shade Spicy Vanilla . Optically smoothes the skin and reduces the visibility of pores. It absorbs sebum, but allows the skin to glow naturally and evens out its color. Price: PLN 14.49.
bell pumpkin ladybug powder
photo: Bell
  • Bell Pumpkin Spicy Bronze Powder satin bronzer in the shade Spicy Caramel . It has an orange scent and a vegan formula. It melts into the skin to optically smooth it and give it the effect of a subtle tan + radiant glow. Price: PLN 14.49.
bronzer pumpkin spicy ladybug bell
photo: Bell
  • Bell Pumpkin Nude Pencil lip and eye liner in the shade Spicy Nude . Contains castor oil. When applied around the eyes, it highlights the color of the iris, and on the lips - it precisely outlines the contour. Price: PLN 11.49.
bell spicy pumpkin liner 2023
photo: Bell
  • Bell Pumpkin Nude Lips matte liquid lipstick in two shades - Spicy Nude and Pumpkin Cream . Thanks to the ginseng extract, it does not allow the lips to dry out. Price: PLN 11.49.
Pumpkin bell lipstick
photo: Bell
  • Bell Pumpkin Glass Skin Highlighter for face and body in the shade Spicy Glow . Provides a luminous glow. Recommended for strobing, thanks to its velvety consistency it blends well, and thanks to the ginseng extract - it does not dry out the skin. Price: PLN 14.49.
bell pumpkin glass ladybug highlighter
photo: Bell
  • brown thickening and lengthening mascara Bell Pumpkin Deep Brown Mascara in the shade Dark Brown . It nourishes with castor oil and softens the hair with beeswax. Price: PLN 13.99.
bell pumpkin mascara biedronka 2023
photo: Bell
  • Bell Pumpkin Clear Brown Gel eyebrow fixing gel with a colorless formula (transparent Clear shade). It tames unruly hair and helps shape it. The aloe leaf juice contained in it has a nourishing and conditioning effect. Price: PLN 11.49.
bell spicy pumpkin ladybug eyebrow gel

The formulas of all cosmetics have been enriched with – of course – pumpkin seed oil .

Bell Spicy Pumpkin cosmetics available at Biedronka

The new autumn Bell Spicy Pumpkin collection can be found in selected Biedronka stores from September 25, 2023 Deliveries to new cities appear every day. They are already available, among others, in some discount stores in Warsaw (e.g. in Galeria Młociny or on ul. Głębocka), Mielec, Mysłowice (apparently in all stores in the city), Chorzów (ul. Gałeczki) . Bell Spicy Pumpkin cosmetics are to be available in all Biedronka stores where Bell wardrobes are available. Check back regularly.

If they are already available in your Biedronka, write the city in a comment - this will make it easier for other fans of the brand to look for new cosmetics. 🙂 Until Saturday, September 30. (inclusive) this line includes a -50% promotion on the second product.

In addition, on October 5, 2023, online sales of the new collection will start in the Bell online store: .

What will you hunt?

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