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Can makeup cause acne? 

You've probably heard the word makeup more than once

A new effective alternative to retinoids. Stevia comes into play

Due to the popularity of retinoids, raw material producers are struggling to obtain also

Niacinamide – the key to radiant skin without imperfections. What do you need to know about it?

Niacinamide is a strong candidate for the title of ideal ingredient. Its charitable

The French health agency, out of concern for the environment, wants to ban the use of octocrylene in SPF creams

Octocrylene (INCI: Octocrylene) may pose a threat to the environment, as confirmed

Why does the skin itch after sunbathing? How to soothe her?

How does your skin itch after sunbathing? What

Safe sunbathing: SPF protection in the summer in a nutshell

When summer comes and with it the desire to sunbathe,