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Favorite perfume of Parisians: a rose edition of the flagship French fragrance

This fragrance has remained number 1 in the hearts of French women for years.

Like in an Arabic confectionery: the new Amouage Love Delight perfume tempts you with delicious pleasure

In the Amouage The Secret Garden collection, next to Lilac Love, Love

Intriguing new perfume by Kilian Born to Be Unforgettable with the scent of... cola

A perfume that's supposed to smell like a fresh sip of sparkling cola.

A new captivating fragrance for women, Creed Queen of Silk, is coming

The launch of a new niche Creed Queen of eau de parfum has been announced

The most popular perfumes of 2023, or what the world smelled like according to the TikTok community

Classics to completely new ones. The world has really gone crazy for these